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Comment: Re:You've written a BETTER one? (Score 1) 100

You should really look before you leap, Smart Guy.

It's *not* "one person's opinion".

I quoted *nine different comments* from *nine different people* who said they tried the product and found that, basically, it didn't work. And I didn't see a single positive comment amongst the entire bunch.

BTW, whether or not *I've* ever written a disk defragmenter has fuck-all to do with the issue of how well *this* disk defragmenter works or doesn't work, so don't even bother with the attempt at misdirection.

And for the last time, you need to take the "spyware" assessment up with Computer Associates, not me. Make sure you discuss it with the folks at CA that actually test software and not with their accountants.

Comment: Re:No, these are where (you sockpuppeteer) (Score 1) 155

by Zontar The Mindless (#46795569) Attached to: Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist

You've already demonstrated that you have absolutely zero comprehension of any sort of humour, much less parody. With this in mind, I created the TFHF account basically because I was pretty sure that merely learning of this account's existence would make you froth at the mouth, and because you've been due a good stiff dose of my mockery and derision for weeks on end.

That account's made a grand total of 9 posts + 1 journal entry.

In the same timespan you've trolled/crapflooded me something like, what, 500-600 times or more? Not to mention HUNDREDS of your trolls before that?

And *you've* got the gall to complain about *me*? That's pretty funny.

Yes indeedy, I created the account purely to mock you. Or, to put it in terms you might recall from your forays into 4chan: YHBT.

Just *knowing* that this account exists so very obviously pisses you off, Sparky, and I can't begin to tell you how completely I enjoy just *knowing* that this is the case.

Have a nice day!

Comment: Re:Bwahahaha - wrong again... apk (Score 1) 100

Gee, it looks like people who've actually tried UltraDefrag don't seem too thrilled with it:

I'm trying UltraDefrag on a well-fragmented hard disk (36% fragmented), and the UltraDefrag GUI leaves me unsure if it is doing anything or not. It has been up for an hour and a half, and the display hasn't changed a pixel since it displayed the original analysis. The progress bar on the bottom still shows 100%, so that is obviously meaningless. The process explorer shows that it is taking up CPU and an increasing amount of memory, but I still can't tell if it is actually doing anything. I think it is time to uninstall it and move on.

Installed on a relatively fast Vista business machine with a 650 gig HD of which 8 gigs were used. Analyze showed 12% fragmentation. I ran the program. Next day (7 1/2 hrs later), it showed being only 30% done. Trash can!

All applications, especially security software, must be closed/shutdown otherwise it is slow and does not do as well.

Can't learn how to use it; UD does not even install on Windows 7. So, it is worthless for me.

Since XP, Windows has offered disk optimization as a background process. I thought that using this was supposed to eliminate the need for periodic defragmentation with a separate tool.

Won't install properly on Win7 64bit (no icons to executables). Puts all it's stuff in the windows system32 folder and the executables won't run manually either. Also caused a one-time boot failure. Maybe installed a virus (I'm hunting)? POS and/or dangerous?

I tried out this tool recently on 2 laptops I was servicing. When using the consolidate space option the defrag driver caused a system crash/reboot on both laptops. If it had just been 1 laptop I would have put it down to the machine, but 2 out of 2 makes me somewhat wary of this app.

I find the user interface limiting and lacks feedback. Almost childlike in it's design.

Speed, huh? It took UltraDefrag almost 45 minutes just to ANALYZE a 150GB partition that had 35% free space. (Running Vista Business) Actually, I STOPPED it when it reached 70%. Yeah, it only got to 70% complete in 45 minutes. I'm not talking about the freakin' defrag time... no no no... just to A-N-A-L-Y-Z-E the drive. There was no way in hell I was going to actually run a defrag after waiting 45 minutes... and even at that point it was only reporting 3 fragmented files. WTF?!?!? If I didn't know any better (and if it wasn't September) I'd say this was some kind of sick April Fool's joke.

And so on, and so on... Saw no favourable comments whatsoever.

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by Zontar The Mindless (#46795111) Attached to: Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist

Comment: Re:You don't even program... apk (Score 1) 100

it uses the Process Scheduler kernelmode subsystem to do its job, faster (by requesting higher cpu prioriity in its scheduling tables) - which HELPS since it's working on a VERY CPU INTENSIVE TASK - string processing.

TRANSLATION: It overrides the Task Scheduler for no good reason whatsoever.

Gee, that does sound a lot like what I said earlier, doesn't it?

Comment: Re:Zontar the Mindless - backup your libel (Score 1) 100

No, what I actually said was,

Your "host files engine" is a useless, CPU-sucking piece of crap, and I am very far from being the first one to say this. (Furthermore, you actually boast about its horrid performance as if it were something to be desired.) In addition, it overrides the Task Scheduler for no good reason whatsoever. That in my opinion qualifies it as something I would never in a million years permit anywhere near any machine that I use or administer; IOW it is for all intents and purposes malware and no amount of your ranting and raving and trolling and crapflooding is ever going to change this fact.

Are we clear on this? Great! Guess that means you're free to sod off now.

Comment: Re:Jay Little made DEATH THREATS to me (Score 1) 267

by Zontar The Mindless (#46790099) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

APK MUST PUT TO DEATH by Jay Liittle ...

You can't get 7 words into a post without telling a lie, can you? That is NOT what it says. Here's what it actually says:

APK should be put to death

        Send To:
        United States Congress

        Sponsored By:
        The Readers of

I could easily go to that site and create a petition under the username "carlxvigustaf" but this would NOT mean the petition was created by the King of Sweden.

It should also be pointed out that expressing a wish for someone would die is NOT the same thing as threatening to kill that person. It's a bit of a fine distinction, perhaps, but it is still not the same thing.

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