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by Samantha Wright (#47767495) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras
Everyone likes accountability when they have control over it. The cops would have control over the tapes, right? So they get to choose which parts to show and which parts to "inconveniently lose." Every other time this topic has come up on Slashdot, there's been quite a cynical kerfuffle about precisely this.

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by CronoCloud (#47764375) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

Will I need to buy a car to get a job?

To get one? Probably not, but having one will help make it easier for you to get to places. Admittedly in some big cities you wouldn't need one as much, but locations vary and a vehicle gives you more options.

I'm a small town midwesterner...(and not in the computer industry), and driving is a necessary skill.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Five

Journal by mcgrew

We both woke up around seven, still cuddled up on the couch. We'd been asleep for fifteen hours on that thing. We cuddled a little while more, then Destiny started coffee while I took care of the ship's air and corrected the course, since I was sleeping when the generator came back online.
We took another shower together after drinking a little coffee and she told the cook to make pancakes and sausage, and we watche

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by CronoCloud (#47755317) Attached to: Predictive Modeling To Increase Responsivity of Streamed Games

I dunno how DLC works on consoles, but in the PC world, DLC is actually installed to your computer and is generally playable whether or not the developers are continuing to run some kind of server for the game.

That's how it works on consoles too. The guy you're replying to is ill-informed.

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by CronoCloud (#47747523) Attached to: The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On

you might have missed my "Alienware" allusion. Alienware is among PC makers that have begun selling set-top gaming PCs with Windows ahead of Steam Machine's release date. Fetch is happening.

But how many are they actually selling?

So again, you have to choose your platform around the games you desire to play. If they're PC-only or PC-first, you might choose PC. This goes double if you like to play mods, as PC versions of games tend to have more thorough community modding tools than console versions of the same game. Or if you can cover more of the multi-platform games with a PC than with a PS4 alone or an Xbox One alone, you might choose PC.

The only reason you're so gung ho on the PC now is because you can't get a console dev kit, and the bar for entry is lower on the PC. But that doesn't mean that people are going to buy the same-screen after-school multiplayer games you want them to buy...for the PC. Pc gamers don't want them and console gamers are happy with what they have.

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by CronoCloud (#47747473) Attached to: The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On

All in all, the entertainment industry in the US made $632billion in 2013. So somebody is paying. Piracy my ass.

Yes, somebody is paying....Americans . American's are subsidizing entertainment for the rest of the planet. And I don't think a bunch of eastern european freeloaders and a few American cheapskates on Slashdot should be convincing Americans to stop paying too, because somebody has to pay.

The various industries are profitable and still exist, but I don't think people should use that as a justification to continue piracy. It's still wrong.

I remember when people used DRM as an excuse to pirate music. Some music may be DRM free (I don't count Spotify and Pandora as being DRM-free), but the same people still pirate the music...just with new excuses about how Music companies are evil and artists don't make money.

And you know what would happen if video was DRM free. one Russian would download it and then upload it with a trojan to

This stuff costs money to make.. If people want our games, music, books, movies, they should pay, and not enable piracy. If people can't afford it, they shouldn't pirate it and do without. Just because I don't have the money to buy every PS4 game doesn't give me the right to break into gamestop and steal copies I didn't pay for.

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by CronoCloud (#47747055) Attached to: The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On

I imagine that a lot of hardcore gamers chose PS3 over Wii and PS4 over Wii U for just this reason: graphical detail.

More likely it was because there were good games other than Dance game-foo, or party-game foo, or cute mii-sports pack-in-foo. Sure there's Zelda and Mario....but that's not enough.

And until the supposed steam machines reach the shelves, their vaporware. And besides, PS+ has benefits besides online play.

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by CronoCloud (#47747023) Attached to: ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science

Only you're allowed to say your anecdotes are correct. I'm not.

But you're doing that to everyone else.

That's about the kind of logic I'd expect from a feminist or any social 'justice' warrior, really.

Oh that's right, anyone who disagrees with you is an SJW. Social justice is a good thing buddy, maybe you're one of those "I've got mine who cares about women, minorities, gays, whatever", but that's just being selfish.

a generalization that men are more selfish than women.

They aren't? Who runs the charitable organizations and social service organizations?

You're engaging in the same sort of systemic shaming towards me

How am I shaming you? And if I was, might there be attitudes you should be shamed of?

As far as toxic environments go, school has always been a place where you are told to sit down, shut up and do as you're told

What, so we should expect less from boys? That's part of the problem now...parents now aren't expecting or teaching their boys HOW to sit down and do quiet play or reading but focusing on their athletics.

students are encouraged to express and focus on their feelings and feminine traits (as long as they are 'positive', definition to be set by the faculty) like conformity and group awareness

How are conformity and group awareness feminine traits?

instead of on objective measurements of achievement and competition.

How are those masculine traits? Aren't grades themselves objective? Why does everything have to be a competition...we live in a finite world, shouldn't we be cooperating more?

This cultural toxicity to individual expression and achievement (which tend to be masculine traits)

You don't know girls very well to say that individual expression and achievment is a masculine trait. So all those girls who are valedictorians, or who win academic competitions, or get PHD's aren't feminine. Are you living in the 1950's mindset of gender?

Like the boys in class, the men are expected to behave/express themselves like dominant female space expects them to or face career-ending fallacious accusations.

If you're upset that men can't tell sexist jokes or come-ons all the time and get away with it...then get over it. I don't think fallacious accusations are keeping men out of education.

These sound about right to me. I don't know where you're justifying your 'more male teachers today than in the past' prideful patriarchy shit, but it's not in alignment with at least this cursory reality check.

The numbers of male teachers are still higher than they were in the 20's, 30's and 40's. Men seemed to do okay in education then when there were even MORE female teachers so what's the problem.

You know what I think....all this fuss about education being feminized is just whining from guys who are upset they have to compete on a more fair playing field in a changed society. In the old days they could goof off in school and still make good money in a factory job that women weren't allowed to do. Now, they have to compete not just with women but with other groups as well. And they wish things would go back the way it was, when they didn't have to be polite to their "lessers", when they could pinch their secretaries, before feminism and civil rights.

Not going to happen.

Comment: Storage without sync. (Score 1) 272

by CronoCloud (#47746849) Attached to: Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google

What I want is online storage I can just mount to my filesystem, and move files over without the service wanting to keep the files locally because it want's to sync a local and online directory. Heck, I might even want to un-mount it sometime. Most of the time I don't need syncing or versioning, I don't mind if that exists as long as I can turn it off.

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by CronoCloud (#47746735) Attached to: Hackers Claim PlayStation Network Take-Down

When my friends and I play Starcraft, it's over a LAN with no internet access at all.

What is this, are you 20, living in a dorm/college apartment, and living in 1995? Do you really want to go to the hassle of carting around hardware, setting up networks, coordinating everyone's free time, just for LAN play in this day and age?

Comment: Re: Should of never got rid of other OS and outsor (Score 1) 97

by CronoCloud (#47744925) Attached to: Hackers Claim PlayStation Network Take-Down

Shawn Layden is CEO of SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) not SCE(i). SCEI is led by Andrew House. Layden is under him. SCEI's former head, Kaz Hirai, runs Sony as a whole now.

Which is a good thing, it basically means the gaijin are running SCEI now so we get a better designed console without a crazy arcane architecture and less of the "lets treat the bigger American market like crap and restrict SCEA from doing what's best for the American market and fawn over SCEJ" from SCE.

I have no love for SCEI when it was more "Japanese" in flavor. They're the reason the PS2 didn't get a retail release of the PS2 HDD and BBN.

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