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Comment Re:Can you still claim copyright on your code? (Score 1) 135 135

publish == broadcast. In the USA publishing a work grants you copyright. You have copyright over what you publish on Twitch (assuming it not derivative work) Everything written on the internet is copyrighted. Including this comment. Fair Use exemptions and the terms of use you agreed to when you clicked Submit is why you have a license to read comments. Terms of use is why you can view content on Twitch. But the copyright still exists. You can't take someone Twitch content and then sell it.

Comment Re:Well... duh. (Score 2) 92 92

It has been true prior to the invention of the internet. Businesses have been keeping personal data on customers for thousands of years. That data is always part of the sale of the company. Companies buy each other to get the other companies customers. You can't purchase customers without transferring customer data. Management of a company can change at any time. So even if the name on the site doesn't change your data may wind up in the hands of new people.

Comment Re:SCOTUS Decisions often based on reality (Score 1) 591 591

According to the Chief Justice their are multiple drafting mistakes in the law. So number 1 was decided in court by 6 experienced Judges. Number 2 does not make any sense. If they wanted to force states to setup their own exchanges they would not provide the federal option at all. Your interpretation is also likely unconstitutional. (Federal Government is required to treat citizens the same regardless of what state they live in.)

Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 591 591

You can't count on using a one sentence drafting error in a large law to alter the whole laws meaning.

That argument fails because Congress “does not alter the fundamental details of a regulatory scheme in vague terms or ancillary provisions.” Whitman v. American Trucking Assns.

Comment Re:what is interesting is not that it won (Score 3, Interesting) 591 591

The plain language of the statute states the

the Federal Government will establish “such Exchange” if the State does not

that tax credits “shall be allowed” for any “applicable taxpayer,”26 U. S. C. 36B(a), but only if the taxpayer has enrolled in an insurance plan through “an Exchange established by the State under [42 U. S. C. 18031],”

Anyone fluent in English understands that this means the Federal Government can create exchanges.

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