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Comment Novell Netware Emulation got me into Linux. (Score 3, Interesting) 136

I was a largely MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 user in the 1990s, but in late 1998, I found that I hated Windows 9x. I felt like the days of my completely controlling computers were starting to slip away. I also had ambitions to be a Network Administrator pst High School. So on a 25 Mhz 486 SX I installed a very Rudimentary thing called ZipSlack. My first experiences on the Internet were on a Tandy 1000 TL using a Dial up PPP Connection. I found out that ZipSlack could emulate/simulate the PPP Connection and NAT my Tandy over the Tandy's Remaining serial Port. When I didn't need the Network connection, I could reboot into MS-DOS 6 and play my DOS games.

Fast forward to 2000 and I found out that my new Mandrake Linux 7.1 Pentium 200 that replaced that 486 could not only NAT Internet connections, but using a software called Mars NWE, simulate a Novell Netware Server and provide logins to DOS Computers, and Windows 95 machines alike. It wasn't very stable, but it worked to my astonishment. Months later that became a Samba 2.0.6 Domain controller. Combined with seeing KDE 1 at the time and I was like "This is the future"

The Domain created by that 2.0.6 Domain controller still exists to this day, running Samba 4.1.19.

Comment What Marketing is vs. What it should be. (Score 4, Insightful) 351

Marketing is by the College Textbook definition, the act of communicating that you provide something that meets someone's wants and needs and provide utility. Government Agencies, Schools, Non-Profit institutions, also engage in Marketing. But Marketing has a few stipulations to it. One is that Marketed ideas have to be factual. Or "True". And that our society of markets, consumers are supposed to know everything about the products they buy. They don't. And Advertisers are a huge part of the problem.

Advertisers in todays world are not only misleading people, they in some cases use malicious code to deceive and steal from people by any means necessary. They are effectively burglars who attempt to break into your computer and steal any information possible by using security vulnerabilities to do that.

Comment Re:"This plugin is vulnerable" (Score 1) 194

If you are using FireFox Linux, either use the latest security patch to NPAPI Flash 11.2, I think the latest is, or install FreshPlayerPlugin 0.2.4 API Layer and you can use Chromium Pepper Flash in FireFox. This is slightly less stable but can get you better results.

Comment The current system is fascism (Score 0) 189

The current system is Fascism. We do need copyright reform. Copyright won't go away, but there needs to be reform, mass demonstrations, marches, removal of politicians from office and it needs to happen by millions and millions of people. In multiple country.

Comment There is no need for the Patriot Act (Score 5, Insightful) 389

There is no need for the Patriot Act to exist any longer. There hasn't been for many years. The War on Terrorism is really the war on Fundamentalist a Saudi inspired Sunni Wahabi radicalism. The Patriot act should go away and the US powers that be should focus its efforts on neutralizing the Sunni-Wahabi threat by whatever means necessary.

Unfortunately we are taking the wrong side here in helping the Saudi's eradicate a Shia Minority in Yemen. Because the American leadership is the village idiots. We're also responsible for the Sunni Wahabi's creating ISIS in Iraq because we over threw a Ba'thist regime and created a power vaccum.

The "War on Terrorism" will end only when the Saudi's Sunni Wahabii ability to create colonies like this is neutralized.

Comment I like imaging systems like this, but... (Score 1, Insightful) 84

I like imaging systems like this, but... It needs to be Distro Agnostic, as in just "An application." to deploy whatever Distro you have installed. As for LDAP, and Kerberos, Samba 4 plays a role here. Samba 4 is as much the next evolution of Heimdal Kerberos and OpenLDAP, as it is what Samba 3's "False Active Directories were, and everything OpenLDAP, and Heimdal provided, OpenLDAP and Heimdal clients should expect from Samba 4.

The Fog Project seems to be a good model for this idea.

Comment I hope Samba can keep up. (Score 2) 34

I hope Samba can keep up. I am just now migrating from the whole OpenLDAP, Samba 3+Heimdal+OpenLDAP to Samba 4. Boy has it been ride. Samba 4 AD will start out as a Windows Server 2008 R2 AD. I'm hoping that Samba team will pull what they did with the NT Domain Architecture and greatly expand the scope and flexibility of AD before Windows Server 2016 comes along, and does something that breaks compatibility, and puts 2012 ADs into a "Mixed Mode Compatible" status.

As where Samba 3 had issues with them changing how the NTLM hash was handled, introducing service packs that made minor protocol variations that broke Samba, and older Windows Clients, Microsoft's Game plan seems to be all about changing the schema just enough so Replication and inter-domain trusts stop working.

Not to mention, often times, AD replication to Samba 4 servers includes the RFC2037 Schemas to be installed as well, to support Linux OpenLDAP and Heimdal Clients. Windows machines have that off by default.

Comment Star Trek gave us a future to shoot for. (Score 4, Interesting) 233

Star Trek gave us a future to shoot for. Lenoard Nimoy just acted in the TV Show. Gene Roddenberry had an optimistic future about Humanity, that really, we could all get along with each other, and use science, reason, and education to solve our problems. There are a few notable flaws with this way of thinking.

Where are the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Sikhs, Jains, etc etc. The answer is: They don't exist. In the universe of Star Trek, there are no gods, only creatures we don't understand. Some friendly, some hostile we must overcome by intellect or force. All Humans in Star Trek are a kind of Secular Agnostic Deist. Nobody fights wars over the stuff we fight over because we are seen of one of Billions of Species spread all over this universe in a vast cosmos. This would result in social upheaval, mass hysteria, and suicides, and homicides at first as there are people so indoctrinated in these cults, that the shattering shift in reality would be unreal.

Another thing that makes the Star Trek Universe "Possible" we don't have is Matter Replication and Transmutation. We know enough to take any given source atoms and convert them to any given destination atoms with minimal effort. All thats needed is electricity to power the machines. This would result in the collapse of Capitalism as we know it. A kind of Socialism would take its place.

The last thing that would make Roddenberry's Future possible is Anti-matter Fusion and Fission. This would provide us with nearly limitless power generation capabilities. Its also extremely dangerous and can lead to a large scale ka-boom

Earth's Government in Star Trek is a unified secular government with a guaranteed Charter of rights. All three Abrahamic religions would flip their shit. As a government like this is described as being despised by the religions as a sign of the Apocalypse. The reason is with with a "Government of Planet Earth and all Terran Colonies" all laws would need to be based in reason and have a rational justification for existing and secular purpose. Equality and Egalitarianism would be necessary for this to work, and the Majority of religions are completely contrary to this concept. So, basically, for a Future like Star Trek to work, the heritage of our ancestors has to die.

Comment Cure for diseases and repairs should come first. (Score 1) 231

Cures for diseases and repairs should come first. While there are some unbelievably horrendous diseases out there that at present time we cannot cure. An example of this is one of the worst Cancers you can get, Transitional cell Carcinoma, which we wage an endless struggle even slowing down it moves so radically fast. That doesn't meanwe shouldn't keep looking for cures where ever is possible.

If you're a wheel chair bound quadriplegic we should be looking for a way to repair, regrow, or use a cybernetic augment your spinal column where you can move again. If you're a 100 year old senile man who can't remember if he's wearing pants then we should find a way to re-grow the failed Glial cells in your brain causing you to have de-reference failures in your brain making you unable to remember that you are not wearing any pants.

And while the Judeo/Christian/Islamic god may not exist in reality he exists in the minds of those that believe in him, and that god profits from our agony and misery. The best way to defeat that god's will, is to create conditions where Humans live healthy comfortable lives. Humans that are healthy, content, and have a high standard of living and education will not turn to "God" for help and will not be controlled as such.

Comment Re:Ctaptrap aside. (Score 1) 168

Try and imagine what it would be like if every single moment of every single day were recorded by numerous devices you so much as got within close proximity too, now think of what could happen if one person with one axe to grind wanted to falsely accuse or implicate you in something, and knew of a security vulnerability on the device. You would have no defense against self-incrimination.

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