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Comment: Facebook should allow me to use the site this way! (Score 3, Funny) 153

by Zoinky (#39612693) Attached to: Here's What Facebook Sends the Cops In Response To a Subpoena

The one thing that struck me is how much easier it is to navigate that profile in their subpoena response than it would if I was looking at it when using Facebook through a browser. They should really consider adding a "Subpoena view" view on their website, kind of like a "Print view", but even better yet!

Comment: Re:Pi is wrong on the main site (Score 1) 186

by Zoinky (#39519091) Attached to: Go Version 1 Released discusses the algorithm in a bit more detail. To calculate 10 digits correctly requires n=5,000,000,000, it seems. So there are definitely better algorithms (a variant with better convergence is presented in the same Wikipedia article), but as you say, it's just an example to show concurrency in the Go language.

Comment: Re:Pi is wrong on the main site (Score 4, Informative) 186

by Zoinky (#39503023) Attached to: Go Version 1 Released

As it mentions in the code, it's an approximation of pi using concurrency. The number of "goroutine" calls used determines the accuracy. In the code comments, they refer you to if you want more information on the algorithm they are using. Increasing the accuracy is just a matter of increasing n in their example.

Comment: Doesn't matter (Score 1) 180

by Zoinky (#35710540) Attached to: Epsilon Breach Affects JPMorgan Chase, Capital One

I use two email addresses, one that I provide to companies that I do business with, and one that I use for personal correspondance and everywhere else online (public forums, etc.). The "business" email has always received much more spam than the one I use and give out liberally everywhere else online. Looks to me like they're just sorry that someone got my email address for free, rather than them being able to sell my address to another one of their "partners".


Bill Proposes Canadian Cellphone Unlocking Rights 359

Posted by kdawson
from the any-network-that-works dept.
SJrX sends in a CBC report that the Canadian New Democratic Party has tabled a bill requiring all cellphone companies to provide unlocked cellphones. (Wikipedia notes, "The party is regarded as falling on the left in the Canadian political spectrum.") This reader adds, "The fact that there is a minority government currently should help this bill's chances of getting passed." "The bill proposes three rules: cellphone carriers would be required to notify customers at the point of purchase whether a phone is locked to work only on their network; they would have to remove such a lock free of charge at any point after the conclusion of the customer's service contract; and they would have to remove it if the customer does not enter into a contract within six months of buying the device up front."

Comment: Re:Still no volume control (Score 1) 308

by Zoinky (#32498942) Attached to: Safari 5 Released

Okay, I can see why you might want volume control in a media player (I'd still prefer a central volume control for everything, but I understand where you're coming from), but how far do you go with adding sound control options to every application? Do you add it to your RSS reader, to your email client and anything else that might display HTML content? Honestly, when Thunderbird gets a volume control dialog...

I really see my web browser and email client in the same light here. Neither one really produces sound themselves (with a few minor exceptions, really, and people aren't complaining about the new mail sound). It's usually a third-party plugin that makes the sound. I don't see a reason for either one to add additional support for audio, especially when it's so easy to control the sound coming from your computer right from the notification area.

Comment: Re:Still no volume control (Score 1) 308

by Zoinky (#32496940) Attached to: Safari 5 Released

Nice job raging against the GP because your OS doesn't have a feature that's standard among pretty much every other modern operating system.

To respond to the second part of your post, no, it would not be inconvenient; it would be *ideal* to remove volume control from each application and have it controlled by the OS.

The key would be to not have it buried 10 layers down. While it's not quite ideal (imo) in every operating system, there is already a volume control widget in most operating systems. This widget can be expanded to list the applications accessing audio, and I can adjust their volumes the same way I adjust the volume for the entire computer. Even in Windows Vista, it's already in there, and is pretty easy to get to, and in Ubuntu at least, it's fairly simple as well.

Comment: Re:LaTeX package? (Score 1) 100

by Zoinky (#32388574) Attached to: STIX Project Releases v1.0 of Its Scientific Fonts Set

I'm a little surprised to find out that LaTeX support isn't going to be available until next year. I understand that the journals published by the societies funding this project use LaTeX, and that they are funding STIX for use with their publications.

And yet, LaTeX support is coming in after even Microsoft Word support (does anyone actually use Word for scientific papers?). It doesn't really make any sense.

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