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Comment: Ilaksh (Score 1) 515 515

I'd like to learn Ilaksh ( Potential - if I can learn to think in it - increase in thought speed by 2-3 times. Plus, I can be one of those really annoying people in line who talk in other languages and be SURE someone isn't going to call me on what I'm saying.

Comment: Re:That's strange.. (Score 1) 859 859

Hey! Mass drivers are easy to get used to. Pick the most agressive thing they could possibly do, and that's what they'll do. Rhode Island drivers are the worst... You NEVER know what they're going to do.

Of course, back to the initial point... I wonder how much of that '5-7%' is inflated. After all, most of the time the person speeding is considered 'at fault', regardless of the actual events. At least in the US.

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