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Submission + - New Albums Releases (digitaldatabase.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Stay on top of the latest new album releases from your favorite artists at digitaldatabase.com. Find the highest rated albums and music of the year.

Comment Re:Is he dangerous? (Score 1) 163

Wait a minute, as a Jew I can get a minority hiring status ?? I really need to start paying attention at the monthly meeting of ZOG. Thanks for the information but I have to run now. It's time to kill christian babies for the their blood to mix in the Passover matzah.

For the clueless out there, THAT was sarcasm.

Comment Re:Hope the muslims win then. (Score 5, Insightful) 329

I don't wish any member of the US government to be put to death, what I do wish is for these bastards to be stripped of all their wealth and privileges and forced to live in a roach infested studio apartment in the bad section of town. Then I would force them to work as an assistant night fry cook at Walley's Wonderful World of Burgers in Festering Boil, Oklahoma. These people have forgotten, if they ever knew, what the rest of us put up with in order to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We need to have these people learn what real work looks like.

Comment Re:Perjury (Score 2) 191

The government does not have authority to lie to courts in order to obtain a conviction.

The government may not have the authority to lie to courts _BUT_ unless someone hold them accountable then it is a moot point. A law that is not renforced is essentilly a law that has been rescinded. America is quickly reaching a point, if we are not there already, where their are two systems of law; one for the wealty, the privledged and the corporations and one for the rest of us. Guess who is getting fucked hard ?

Comment Re:do they have a progressive view? (Score 2) 336

The problem with Austin is that it is surrounded by Texas and is at the mercy of the state legislator which, as the late great Molly Ivins would tell you, is one of the most stupid and reactionary in this country. Austin may be groovy and progressive but once you leave the corporate bounds of Austin you are in Texas, set your watch back 150 years.

"We shall reach greater and greater platitudes of achievement." -- Richard J. Daley