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Comment Re:Oh, they're a big company, (Score 1) 527

As a message balloon above the system tray. And if you block it from starting in task manager, it will re-enable itself a week or so later. I've seen the "Buy 365! Buy and xBox!" messages more than once each. I already use Skype, so I don't get those nags. I'm also registered for Bing rewards, so I don't see those either, but I've no doubt they exist.

Comment Re:Most important parameter for men: height (Score 1) 286

That's a fair point; Out here in the cowboy-western region of the US where I live, *everyone* wears cowboy boots, with at least 25% of the people wearing them exclusively. Then again, the only locally broadcast radio stations we have are country, and full-sized trucks make up nearly half the vehicles on the road*
I imagine, though, that most big cities would be an odd place to see someone wearing boots on a first date. Unless your dating profile says you're a grammy-winning country star, in which case, anything goes.

*Slightly related tangent: Being both a geek and a gearhead, I've used the downtime at my shop to conduct various car studies. My shop has large glass windows pointed directly out at a busy highway that melds into Main Street in my town just a few blocks away from my shop, and I've tracked all of the vehicles coming & going for multiple days. 46% of the non-commercial vehicles were trucks (as defined as any vehicle with an open bed), and while I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, I believe the ratio of SUVs/CUVs/full-sized vans to cars & minivans for the remainder of the vehicles was about 3:1. Pretending to be macho isn't even optional here, it's mandatory. Being a fan of small Japanese imports puts me in about the smallest automotive minority; I think there are even more European cars in our town than Japanese.

Comment Re:Most important parameter for men: height (Score 2) 286

Wear cowboy boots. They're basically pumps for men, and a lot of people find them sexy.
That having been said, I'm 5'7", and I was always intimidated by women who were taller than about 5'4". My wife is 5'2". If I had lied about my height to get more dates, I would have wound up with plenty hot chicks who would make me feel uncomfortable the whole time. As it is, I'd rather only get replies from a few girls I find attractive, who at least won't intimidate me when we go out.
I tried online dating for a while. I tried in-person dating for a while, with girls I met at work (I was a young guy working in the food services industry.) In the end, the girl I fell in love with and married was someone I met by accident and became best friends with. We met over the Internet, but not through a dating website, and I was rather disinterested in dating when we met. After years of friendship, we realized that we had something more than just friendship, and started making plans to meet in person (she's from Canada, I'm from the USA.) We knew each other for about 4 years before getting married, and we've now been happily married for 7 years. While trying to find girls to date, I met some who were somewhat interesting, and who I might have had an okay life with, but the girl I married is so much better of a match; it's not even a contest. Contrary to what Hollywood teaches you, your friends are the best candidates for love; they like being around you, and share your interests and probably your personality.

Comment Re:BitDefender (Score 1) 467

The fact that it's last year's version is a drawback as compared with the paid version, but even last year's version of Bit Defender is better at what it does than a current copy of Norton or McAfee, so why whine about it? If you want the better version, pay for it. Seems pretty fair to me.
You found it naggy? That really confuses me. As long as you activate and confirm your email address, it will never pop up on your computer unless it finds something. I literally have never seen it appear unannounced on my primary computer. If I do open the interface, I don't even see a "CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEATURES!" banner.
As far as it tripping your other AV, I'm not terribly surprised. There's a reason you're only supposed to use one AV. Most AVs won't even allow you to install if they detect another AV present (not without a lot of kicking & screaming, at least).

Comment BitDefender (Score 2) 467

I'm really surprised more people aren't recommending Bit Defender. I use the free version on my own machines and install it on customer PCs, and have had very good results from it. Never pops up asking to upgrade to a premium version, doesn't audibly announce it's updating/scanning/etc (in fact you'll only know it's there if something goes wrong). It also doesn't impact performance very much at all -- way better than Avast or AVG. According to, they're always at the top of their game.

Comment Re:Download from the source (Score 1) 324

The problem with this is that at least 50% of the people out there (in my experience, anyway) haven't a clue whether they're on the official website or not. They just do a Google search, and click the first result (usually an ad that's practically guaranteed to be something bad.)
I've had very good luck downloading from Softpedia, as they do not add their own installers; the only bundled junk you have to worry about is that which is included by the publisher of the title (which would also be on the download from their own website.) The only problem with Softpedia is that they don't filter out the "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD" banner ads, which will lead an inattentive person without adblock into lots of garbage.
Heck, even SourceForge bundles garbage. And that one really bugs me, considering their humble roots.

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