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by Zeromous (#47828425) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

I think the main thing here is that it's about who Zoe purports to be vs. who she actually is. I think that we have seen multiple examples of men recently experiencing similar issues: Julian Assange, That guy from mozilla etc. The clippers owner, I'm sure if I tried I could name many more.

I'm personally angered by your wife's story, having been a gamer from the 80s myself, but as a man didn't have to suffer such blatent harassment (although not completely with out). I'll never forget the look on her face first time my roommate's gf put on the Xbox Live headset when that tech hit. But this has nothing to do with mysoginistic gamers going after Zoe- it has everything to do with lack of personal responsibility, manipulation and pathological lying and the distrust and chaos that it precedes. People have been hurt by her real life 'game' and they are lashing out.

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