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Submission + - What have peoples experiences with Hosting Provider Siteground been?

Zero__Kelvin writes: I recently took over the website design for a small church who would like to stream mp3 and possibly videos of their services. I also had to make numerous changes to the site. In the process I have encountered a few problems and issues, including making it very difficult to ssh into the server. Meanwhile ftp is available easily, encouraging the use of insecure file transfers. Ironically, they cited security as their excuse for not having basic tools like git and make available on their servers once I finally ssh'ed in successfully. They also added a useless and unneeded php script to my site without my permission in response to one of my tickets.

I have read numerous negative reviews on the net, but I am also aware that you can find negative reviews on fluffy bunnies if you try hard enough. I am particularly concerned about claims that they have stood in the way of people switching providers.

So I am asking:
  • What experiences have others had with siteground?
  • For those who moved successfully to another provider, how can I do so in the smoothest way possible (any success stories?)

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