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Comment: Re:Obama's police state? (Score 1) 272

"You ask a complex question. Much too complex for much of what passes for insight on /. these days, but I'll try to chime in.

Before you decided to put down the majority of Slashdotters, it would behoove you to log in, before you chime in. It shows one has at least a basic level of competence that you apparently lack. Thanks.

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by Zero__Kelvin (#46912957) Attached to: How To Prevent the Next Heartbleed

"Don't use C and its variants like C++. C "

Yes. Also, the problem with Rap is that it is in English. If they just wrote their masogenistic statement in a different language all would be well!

Seriously, please stop with the ridiculous claim that the language is the problem. The problem is that nobody is perfect, no process is perfect, and mistakes will always happen. They will happen far more often when the system is implemented by people who understand so little about software development that they think the language is the problem.

Comment: Re:My baby blue (Score 1) 118

"Except that the quote merely has her telling him not to do it. She doesn't say why."


"He said, “Is there not some way it could be blue?” And I said again, “No, don’t do it.”"

It seems pretty clear from te article that she told him he should not do it because there is no way it could be blue, no?

Comment: Re: Long story short (Score 1) 178

"The primary is issue is how slow javascript is "

HTML5 has absolutely nothing to do with Javascript.

" and how hard it is to develop in and how hard it is to make compatible w/ all browsers in use."

HTML5 is a new standard and all browsers haven't yet caught up to it, but they will. That all being said, both Flash and HTML5 are frigging stupid technologies to use for creating video games, and Flash is frigging stupid, whether you are developing video games or not.

Comment: It's not a frigging "smartphone", damn it! (Score 1) 178

by Zero__Kelvin (#46855125) Attached to: DOJ Complains About Getting a Warrant To Search Mobile Phones
One big problem here is that people keep thinking of the handheld computers we carry with us everywhere as "phones". They are computers, and if you want to drop some cash on a little hadware you can turn any computer into one capable of placing and receiving calls.

Yes, the handheld computers we carry can place and receive phone calls, but so can a laptop and a desktop computer. Calling them phones is like calling a house a bathroom.

If they get their way, then by implication, it's not just "all your phones are belong to us", it's "all your computers are belong to us".

You watch. Right now they are saying they are different. In a few years, if they get their way, they will be saying: "Hey! This should apply to all computers!" They are basically the same thing!" .

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