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Comment Homeschool, then Public school (Score 1) 700

Even in the public system, how fast children learn to read is strongly correlated with their family environment, so you might as well keep them home to start. Also most parents are fully capable of teaching basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. It's in the later grades, especially high school, when trained teachers are essential.

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BBC's Open Player Claims Not Followed Through 311

ruphus13 writes "BBC's iPlayer was originally built on Microsoft's DRM-protected technology, and has never really been liked by folks like the FSF. The BBC is trying to play nice, though, recently claiming, 'the BBC has always been a strong advocate and driver of open industry standards. Without these standards, TV and radio broadcasting would simply not function. I believe that the time has come for the BBC to start adopting open standards such as H.264 and AAC for our audio and video services on the web.' This article argues that actions speak louder than words, and this is where the BBC falls short. 'The fact that both AAC and H.264 are encumbered with patent licenses that make their distribution under free licenses problematic flies in the face of this definition. It's good to see a major organization like the BBC switching from closely held secretive codecs to more widespread and documented ones. But it would be even better to see them throw their considerable weight behind some truly open formats.'"

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