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Comment: Writers have no practical experience (Score 1) 146

by Zeorge (#46758847) Attached to: How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture
They can write, one even authors papers (whoo) but if they actually understood what they wrote about they'd realize what you had just said: no point in buying COTS when you are creating your own. You'll just waste money and time trying to get it to work. Just make it right the first time.

Comment: Re:Business class is a misnomer (Score 1) 146

by Zeorge (#46758779) Attached to: How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture
Direct flight from Dulles to Tokyo (and back), only flew coach. That was on US Government sponsored travel. They don't care, it's simply cheaper. The only time I have heard of people flying business or above was if that was in the contract, and the customer missed that part. It's rare to find that now a days unless the ROI is high enough. But, you really need to look at those ticket prices to see what I am talking about. There is a quantifiable difference between a coach and first-class ticket. You can seriously buy a decent car for a first-class ticket to a far destination.

Comment: Women make less because they are smarter (Score 1) 427

by Zeorge (#46396513) Attached to: All Else Being Equal: Disputing Claims of a Gender Pay Gap In Tech
They took a look at the single guy, fresh out of college, who wails himself against a wall for that extra few percent and they are like: have it! They apparantly figured it out awhile ago that getting that last few percent relates to an exponential increase in effort and it's just not worth it. Why work 60+ hours a week (+50% increase in hours) for a +7% increase in pay?

Comment: Require government service as an option for repay? (Score 1) 597

by Zeorge (#46248319) Attached to: Financing College With a Tax On All Graduates
As a real-world example, there are STEM and IT programs that offer a full-ride PLUS a stipend. The Information Assurance is one where they pay for your tution plus a $17k/year stipend. Your obligation is two years of government service. You also get internships and the GS service is a 7/9/11 path going up a level every 6.5 months. If you get a MS in IA then it is a $22k stipend and a 9/11/13 path. A good deal all-around for everyone. Also, if you drop out you have to pay it all back. So, the simplify, you can have two options: the one above or the "payback via tax". I like the first option as it also gets someone a job. Have a short grace period of 6 months and after which point they fall into option 1. If they land a job elsewhere they then pay via taxes. You will still have to qualify for the program like any other but you'd let the school and it's associated state handle that.

Comment: Only as a consequence (Score 2) 230

by Zeorge (#46073201) Attached to: New England Burns Jet Fuel To Keep Lights On
Ships only have two fuel holds: marine diesels and JP5. Also, those engines are leased by the navy, and possibly by the power plants, and considering maintenance costs it only makes sense to use the recommended fuel type. In a pinch you could use a lower grade fuel but if you do that for too long you get a crust that forms on the turbine blades which then results in dismantling the engine and replacing the blades. Considering that the engine is within the bowels of the ship and would require cutting holes through the deck plates to remove them, you use actual JP5 for an aircraft. It just doesn't make sense not too.

Comment: People serious about CS go to a CC (Score 3, Insightful) 325

by Zeorge (#46013899) Attached to: The Whole Story Behind Low AP CS Exam Stats
No, really. It's like with math. If you are serious about either the CS or other science field you go and take those classes at a community college. The HS program is built around the low-common denominator. The rationalization to spend money on programs that will have a low ROI is not there. You are going to need a school district with a lot of kids and with a lot of kids interested in sciences in order to promote the better science programs. This is how you get the magnet schools where they pool all these like minded kids together as it's more effective, money wise, to have these programs in one location. Spreading them out over an entire school district would be costly and would ultimately be under utiltized. So, if you are really good at math and computer science, etc, the best option for everyone is to go to a commuity college and take those courses. Not only will you learn more, the equipment will probably be better, and, you can actually transfer these credits into a four-year program. I think a solution would be for a HS to focus on being a HS and for kids that have the talent refer them to a better equipped facility, at no additional cost to the parents.

Comment: For both, The Drug War is a multi-billion industry (Score 1) 323

by Zeorge (#45897931) Attached to: Cartels Are Using Firetruck-Sized Drillers To Make Drug Pipelines
Just look up the funding appropriations for the DEA, it's literlaly in the billions. Look at the ridiculous money spent on that fence by Bush (that only covered 30 miles). There's just too much money for both sides for them allow the legalization drugs. If you make drugs legal, then, the profit margin drops for the cartels and the USG awarded contracts stops. It will never be legalized at the Federal level.

Comment: Zoom Out (Score 1) 333

by Zeorge (#45765493) Attached to: Rise of the Super-High-Res Notebook Display
With a higher resolution you can read finer print and so you zoom out. This is great for Visio network diagrams where I have a facility with 500 some racks and I need to see as much as possible. The only other way for me to do the same was to use a plotter. If I could get my work to buy a ~48" 4k display that would be ideal. That'd be like looking at a plot. Yeah, the screen would be huge but it's no different for me than looking at a plot pinned to the wall. At home I have a 27" 2560x1440 and for my Ms it's invaluable for my network modeling, writing a paper about said modeling, and having other stuff going. I used to have dual 1080's but this is better. If I had the money I'd get this guy: Sounds absurd to have so much screen but you really use it if you need it. For most people though, YouTubers, FB Warriors, and the like 1080p is good enough.

Comment: I agree... plenty others already on the market. (Score 1) 440

by Zeorge (#45411851) Attached to: Soylent: No Food For 30 Days
Also, unless this guy has fabricated some new chemical that is his food replacement (which he hasn't) then he is using what eveyrone else is using but in different proportions (maybe). It's pretty much a known science what the body needs as far as carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals are. Ensure and its variants are fairly decent meal replacements (and come in flavors). For dry powder, I like Tru-Food Vegan ( and Vega also makes their version as do many others. These have been on the market way longer and have a reputation. Not some guy who got a million from kickstarter to do exactly the same thing.

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