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Comment I agree (Score 1) 66

I discussed with some others before in that printing on a ship or forward deployed base is a waste of money, time, and space. I could see the various depots having printing shops, that makes sense. That'd certainly save on local inventory. Another factor is MILSPEC, they'd have to MILSPEC it all again for 3D printed parts. Not too hard but expensive an time consuming.

Comment That stuff has nothing to do with nothing (Score 1) 776

At 3, kids copy their parents. They also know the difference between boys and girls. So, if they see mommy cooking and daddy nailing something with a hammer, they will copy that, respectively.

As a side not, my 3-year old son has both the IKEA work bench and IKEA cooking set. He plays with both, equally. I also have a tendancy to cook more than the wife does. But, I also work on house improvement all the time as well. So, that's how he see's his male role model and will copy accordingly. If we had a daughter she would spend most of her time on her iPad.

Comment Back in the day, a phone would lead to... (Score 1) 113

I was in HS from 1990-1994, and, having a pager or cell phone would yield these consequences:

1) Confiscation of device and collected into a school "evidence" bag
2) Detainment while the police arrives
3) K9 sweep of your locker and any "associates"
4) In school suspension for at least a week

But, apparantly, times have changed and having a cell phone or pager is no big deal. The original reason for their draconian response was that they thought you were a drug dealer.

They would also confiscate CD players, portable cassette players, and handheld radios if you were caught using them during class time; before/after school and lunch was allowed. The reason for that was it was deamed that those devices would be a distraction to the students and surrounding students in class.

Comment I'd go with Software Security (Score 1) 125

I don't know why everyone is pointing to more technical certs when you already have a software skill set. So, what you need to do is find a related security field so that you aren't killing yourself to stay abreast let alone learn a new skill. If you want a relevant cert, look at CSSLP. Then, you'll need to network, network, network. You'll have a hard time transitioning your career without knowing someone unless the person who is hiring you is not the person to be working for.

Comment Yup.. men/women are different (Score 1) 599

I mean, just look at us. That being said, "we" have only been domesticated for a rather short period of our history on this planet. Prior to our domestication we were living with all the other animals out in the wild, so, yup, we too have sexual dimorphism. This leads to certain attributes/abilities that are stronger/weaker in each sex. I do firmly believe that anyone, regardless of gender/race/origin should be allowed to be happy and pursue in whatever direction they want regardless.

But, I think that the pathway to co-ed STEM is to integrate men/women early on. So that way if a man/women looks at a resume when they are in a hiring capacity, they gloss over gender/race/origin and go straight to qualifications. Those old-school legacy things like boy and girl scouts are, in a way, part of the problem. I also remember school teachers also emphasizing gender based roles, as they too, were also subject to the same. So, we need to take a look at the school system again and find a way to solve the integration issue there.

Submission $10K Ethernet Cable Claims Audio Fidelity, If You're Stupid Enough To Buy It->

MojoKid writes: There are few markets that are quite as loaded-up with "snake oil" products as the audio/video arena. You may have immediately thought of "Monster" cables as one of the most infamous offenders. But believe it or not, there are some vendors that push the envelope so far that Monster's $100 HDMI cables sound like a bargain by comparison. Take AudioQuest's high-end Ethernet cable, for example. Called "Diamond," AudioQuest is promising the world with this $10,500 Ethernet cable. If you, for some reason, believe that an Ethernet cable is completely irrelevant for audio, guess again. According to their claim: "AudioQuest's Diamond RJ/E is a directional Ethernet cable made with the same hallmark materials, philosophy, care and attention that is applied to all their interconnects, whether it's an entry level introduction to Hi-Fi or a died-in-the-wool music connoisseur. Another upgrade with Diamond is a complete plug redesign, opting for an ultra-performance RJ45 connector made from silver with tabs that are virtually unbreakable. The plug comes with added strain relief and firmly lock into place ensuring no critical data is lost." It's too bad AudioQuest limits itself to just audio, because descriptions like that would prove a welcome sight in other markets. Just imagine how tempting it would be to own 100% solid paper clips made with uncompromising materials that take a no-nonsense approach to holding paper together. Unfortunately, in this case, there's the issue of digital data being, well, digital. But hey, a 1 or a 0 could arrive at its destination so much cleaner, right?
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