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I second that. I used to have the exact same problem with massive disconnect issues in the evening. ( I'm on DLS. I recently moved about 200 meters across the railroad lines and can't get cable now. ) The problems 'magically' disappeared when I switched provider. The exact same infrastructure but now my connection is pretty damn stable. Oh and try to get support from Virgin as a DSL customer - a horrible experience. They clearly regard you as second class customer.

Submission + - Facebook vulneabilty allows personal info theft (

Ronen writes: An interesting new vulnerability in Facebook is demonstrated and discussed. It allows a hacker to steal a Facebook user's full name, profile picture, and list of friends.
While this kind of stuff has surfaced before, what's unique about this attack is it can be done while the user anonymously surfs almost any forum or blog on the net. The hacker does this just by adding a comment or post to the 3rd party site (otherwise not controlled by him/her), that when viewed, sends the info to the hacker.
Full disclosure is not available yet, as the bug is apparently not yet fixed, but it makes for an eye-opening read because who normally feels threatened when reading a forum thread?

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