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Comment: Re:No one cares enough to build a competitor. (Score 2) 47

by ZeekWatson (#47843509) Attached to: Should Docker Move To a Non-Profit Foundation?

LXC is the core technology, and the part that's actually revolutionary (for linux).

LXC is not really revolutionary, OpenVZ and Linux-VServer provided linux containerization for many many years.

I expect someone to come along any minute now and say that Docker no longer uses LXC anyway, now it uses libcontainer. This isn't true, libcontainer is just another frontend to LXC, libvirt being the first project to run a LXC without using the LXC userland.

Comment: Re:I read somewhere... (Score 1) 1613

by ZeekWatson (#37622438) Attached to: Steve Jobs Dead At 56

I think you're not giving Jobs enough credit even for the first wave of personal computers. The Apple II was probably the most important step into the world of computers in the home, school and business, moving us from the era of hobbiest kit computer to what we view as the standard computer, keyboard and monitor.

Thats a romantic view, but actually its the Commodore 64 that was the machine that brought computers into homes, schools and offices. Faster, better graphics, real sound (Apple ][ could only make beeps and boops), and less than half the price.

Comment: Re:Perforce (Score 2, Interesting) 268

by ZeekWatson (#29195757) Attached to: Making Sense of Revision-Control Systems

Off-line development is the first thing that come to mind.

Its also single-centrally managed server, which is painful for distributed development (but perhaps good for companies). There is P4Proxy, but that is readonly. Remote users on the other side of the world don't have the best experience.

I could list many other things. SCM has grown significantly since 1999, P4 hasn't.

Comment: Always do a reboot test ... (Score 4, Insightful) 197

by ZeekWatson (#28862089) Attached to: New DoS Vulnerability In All Versions of BIND 9

If you're running a serious server you should always do a reboot test after installing any software. I've been burned many times by someone doing a "harmless" installation only to find out 6 months later a critical library was upgraded with an incompatible one (a recent example is expat 2.0) and the server doesn't boot like it should.

Always reboot! Even with the super slow bios you get in servers nowadays it should only take 2 minutes to be back up and running.

Comment: Re:I stopped reading... (Score 1) 682

by ZeekWatson (#28001065) Attached to: Top 10 Disappointing Technologies

But did anyone promise that ubuntu would kill off MS or something? Has it actually failed to deliver?

Hell yeah they did!

Bug #1 reported by Mark Shuttleworth on 2004-08-20 (Activity log)
(critical) Bug #1 (liberation):
This report is public
Microsoft has a majority market share

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes. -- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS