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Comment: Re:So? (Score 0) 351

by Zedrick (#46703169) Attached to: Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them
Because living in a "stone age" society is generally much healthier than living in a 1st world country. Also, more spare time - which isn't wasted on TV or the internet. (hunter-gatherer-people do not spend all their time looking for food, that's a common myth)

The downside is lack of medical treatment and vulnerability to external factors such as weather.

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by Zedrick (#46643393) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis
> No, they didn't, but it was obvious to everybody and clear from history that the USA wasn't interested in
> annexing Iraq into US territory. So the comparison to what Russia has done with part of Ukraine is a false one.

True, Putin can at least claim he is protecting Russians (and might even believe it), the US-Iraq wars were just about controlling the oil.

> USA has taken territory it could have just kept for itself,

Eh... This is not a game of Risk.

> But we don't do that, and haven't acted like an imperial power, increasing our borders
> though military force, for a LONG time.

Again, this is not Risk. Please go to the library and look up the concept of Imperialism, it does in no way have to involve annexing territories - controlling countries through puppet governments (Iraq, for example) is how it's done since at least the 18th century.

Comment: Civilization 4 (Score 2) 669

by Zedrick (#46284857) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?
I can't seem to let go of it. Bought Civ5 when it came out, worthless dumbed-down failure. That was the last time I bought a game without trying a copy from TPB first

#2: World of Tanks - the only MMO I've never stuck with for more than a few days.
#3: Crusader Kings II. Medieval strategy, last decent game from Paradox.

Apart from those I sometimes boot up Colonization (dos), Defender of the Crown (C64), Last Ninja 2 (C64), North & South (Amiga). All modern games offered on piratebay are extremly f'ing boring. BF4 - boring. Skyrim - boring. Assassins Creed 4 - boring. Gta 4 - boring.

Looking forward to Elite: Dangerous though.

Comment: Re:Liable *of not acting upon obvious infringement (Score 1) 164

by Zedrick (#46194329) Attached to: German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

That might be how it works in some... countries, but in a civilized society (Germany?) it's not enough with random requests or notifications to shut down something even if it's "obvious", without a court order. The registrar (and the webhost) is not a court of law. If they passed it on to the owner of the site, and the owner of that site for whatever reason didn't agree and didn't remove the material, then it should be decided by a court.

This case might be black and white (no idea, never visited, but most cases are not, and it's therefore not up to the registrar or the host to shut down anything.

I work for a large European webhost, every time I get some shutdown request or ridicolous DMCA-blaha from someone in a country ruled by copyright holders, I just tell them stop bothering us and report the actual owner of the site to the police (in whatever country the siteowner lives in), if it's really copyright infringement.

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They are either real domains pointing to somebody's hacked old joomla/oscommerce/cms made simple-site, in which case the problem is with the website. Or if it's a real phishing/malware-domain, it's with 100% certainty ordered with fake user information and a stolen CC, so the registrar/host can simply delete domain (at least that's what we do).

Comment: Zoneminder (Score 1) 248

by Zedrick (#45864347) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: State of the Art In DIY Security Systems?
Please don't even consider Zoneminder (unless you want to develop it). It's hopelessly outdated, has very limited support for modern surveillance cameras, and is more or less useless compared to commercial alternatives. Unfortunately - I really wish there was a good open source alternative

You're better off buying Axis- or Sony-cameras and using their monitoring software.

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by Zedrick (#45578577) Attached to: D-Link Patches Critical Vulnerability In Older Routers
Spread it on facebook, twitter etc and they'll do something about it. They don't lift a finger until the marketing department takes notice.

What's wrong with D-Link... well. I worked for D-Link support a long time ago, but it looks like nothing has changed. The people in Taiwan are doing their thing, and there's a lot of layers between them and the end user. I might still be bound by some kind of contract blaha, but one example: they refused to release the gpl'ed firmware sources to customers until I first reported them to the wall of shame on, then reported it that my bosses and eventually got them to do something because it looked bad.

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