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Comment: But what about the Diversity? (Score 1) 387

by ZecretZquirrel (#46133823) Attached to: Should Everybody Learn To Code?
FWIW, I remember this brilliant (to me) math professor who taught me abstract algebra back in the '80s. She carried around Rubik's cube key chain, and would solve it in moments while explaining the group theory behind it. She was in awe of us in CS, and that programming stuff we did--it was just beyond her. The modern cultural cadres in charge tell us that diversity is A Good Thing, to be sought as an end in itself. So why do we all have to be programmers? I'm glad Bohr and Einstein didn't bother with this shit. Or Cézanne and Picasso.

Comment: Re:Studies show 8 hour days are a limit (Score 1) 311

by ZecretZquirrel (#44911559) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Does Your Work Schedule Make You Unproductive?
In defense of the providers, there's a tradeoff that doesn't get much mention: shorter shifts require more frequent inpatient "handoffs" in which a knowledge transfer must occur between doctors and nurses. They recognize that handoffs are subject to miscommunication and error, and impose their own risks to patients. Historically, staying with the patient to provide a continuity of care has been the real driver of long clinical work shifts, not for the convenience of the providers schedules. Do you really think they prefer 12 hour shifts?

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by ZecretZquirrel (#44884179) Attached to: Secret Court Upholds Phone Data Collection

Why would a 'for profit' corporation go out of its way to protect the rights of consumers that don't even know they're having their privacy invaded to start with?

Especially with the tacit agreement "we'll just keep this between us, right?" to prevent any competitive disadvantage. Until Lord Snowden began his journey...

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