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+ - How far will YOU go for highest speed Internet->

Submitted by Zecheus
Zecheus (1072058) writes "This community is extraordinarily rural. It is considered among the northernmost in the world. In the summer, temperature rises as high as 40F. There are more polar bears than humans. Even the usual ubiquitous and generous Norwegian health care is out of reach: inhabitants leave for the south to give birth or to die. On the other hand, it enjoys the highest quality Internet experience in the world due to recently installed fiber. Care to give it a try? By the way, the area has a turnover rate of over 25% every year."
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Comment: Head slap! You are using college wrong (Score 1) 347

by Zecheus (#42861087) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Alternative To the Canonical Computer Science Degree?
Go to college to get an intelligence certificate. Its not a place to learn skills. At the end of college, you won't have skills; you will have a sheet of paper that says you are intelligent. That paper, called a diploma, says only that you are intelligent enough to learn new things. You want something else. You want a skill. Diplomas do not say you have any skill (see above). College is the wrong place to get a skill because college won't give you even a piece of paper that says you have said skill. If you don't even want a piece of paper that says you have a skill (these are called certifications), then don't even go to school.

You have an opportunity to get a piece of paper saying you are intelligent enough to learn things about computers, and you don't see that as anything but a waste of time. Incredible. Maybe you should be a business major.

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Submitted by Zecheus
Zecheus (1072058) writes "Geron had won the first clinical trial of embryonic stem cell therapy in the United States, as previously reported in slashdot:, but is now ending that trial and divesting entirely from any research in the technology. This is an stunning turnaround for the company that holds pioneering patents and had developed more experimental drugs from the stem cell of human embryos than any other company in the world. “I deeply believe in the promise of stem cells,” John A. Scarlett, the chief executive of Geron said. However the move is widely seen as a major setback for the technology. (Maybe he meant the 'promise of adult stem cells' in which many therapies are already approved and in use.) Perhaps Geron bailed out because the clinical trial has only demonstrated a certain level of safety, but no improvement in the small number of patients; or to meet strategic/tactical business goals (i.e., to stay in business), In any case, it looks like the promise of embyronic stem cell therapies are overhyped and false."
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