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Comment: Re:It would be good... (Score 1) 682

by Zebidiah (#22810502) Attached to: The REAL Reason We Use Linux
I've done this a couple of times (a long time ago) in a sense. I changed the motherboard and ran Windows* straight away with re-installing. It detected the new hardware and installed drivers or I installed from the motherboard CD. Not much hassle. It was a long time ago. At least 5 years probably more like 8 years or longer.

* I can't remember if it was 98, 98se, Me or XP or even a couple of them.


+ - The world awaits Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon->

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ashokcm writes: "The long awaited version of ubuntu (7.10, Gutsy Gibbon) will be out today. The release features among others 3-D desktop effects, automatic printer configuration and automatic firefox plugin installation. Canonical is also releasing Gobuntu 7.10, which is the debut release of the Ubuntu version that is composed entirely of open source non-restricted software."
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