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Comment: Is this an achievement? (Score 4, Insightful) 39

by Zebai (#47516769) Attached to: Autonomous Sea-Robot Survives Massive Typhoon

Am I only one who doesn't think this is all that impressive? A manned ship surviving, yes, a stationary building surviving yes, but a unmanned sealed drone that has no problem being submerged in the water with nothing to collide against it without need to stay upright? I could achieve similar results as this drone by putting some gear in a steel container and letting throwing it out to sea. Its other purposes aside "shrugging" off a storm of any size should be trivial for such an object.

Comment: Re:Obsolete before it was released. (Score 1) 56

by Zebai (#47513313) Attached to: EFF Releases Wireless Router Firmware For Open Access Points

Other than reduced availability for sale I don't think being end of life should really matter you would not get support from netgear on a custom firmware.

I just feels to me like the EFF wants to reinvent the wheel here. There are already routers/firmwares out there that support multiple wifi ssid's just make one of them a guest id public or not.

Comment: Re:Liability (Score 1) 474

The hotspot is only broadcast from the rented wireless gateway router/modem combo devices and it supports multiple IP addresses so the public hotspot is off a 2nd, isolated IP to prevent any problem with copyright etc.. It also doesn't count against your bandwidth or usage so you can still use your full speed your signed up for. Personally though I'd rather not have it my home either but I went out of my way to get a regular EMTA modem instead of the gateway for other reasons (the device itself is rather crappy)

Comment: Re:more money - less quality (Score 1) 286

by Zebai (#47023581) Attached to: Cable TV Prices Rising At Four Times the Inflation Rate

Comcast trialed this is the Charleston, NC area, or did for many years. You buy a core package for basic service and then you can addon additional packs by category, sports, news, family, movies etc.. Last I heard of it it wasn't popular enough to keep maintaining and is being phased out. Most people were in the category that they didn't pay enough attention or make the effort to save money or chose to save money by discount hopping.

Comment: Re:next 50 to 100 years? (Score 4, Insightful) 453

by Zebai (#46956375) Attached to: Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

I think I have to comment on this one. Say your right, there is 1 in 1,000,000,000 chance of even micro organisms being on another planet, and another 1 in billion of it being intelligent. That would still leave chances of life to be in the BILLIONS and we can't even see all of it because the light takes so long to travel the birth of distant stars from billions of years ago hasn't even reached us yet. As long as the chance is not 0% which it is not because we are here then some where in the universe there are other intelligent life forms however our chance of ever being able find them are equally infinitesimal.

Comment: Re:Just out of curiosity (Score 0) 107

by Zebai (#46737603) Attached to: The Comcast/TWC Merger Is About Controlling Information

I'm not really for it but i'm not against it either, most of the people here yelling against it are against it just because they don't like comcast. Comcast has a lot of faults but I don't see how refusing this merger will make things better or worse for anyone, It will not really stifle competition because the companies don't really compete with each other and Time Warner has just as much problems as comcast does its just different problems. If i had one major thing to gripe about comcast its their decision to rely outsourcers who by their very nature care nothing about the customer only that the quickest they get done with that job or that call the more jobs or calls they can do that day and more money they can make so they have less focus on resolving things than just pushing you off to the next person.

Comment: Re:Ivory tower much? (Score 1) 195

by Zebai (#46555533) Attached to: <em>Final Fantasy XIV</em> Failed Due To Overly Detailed Flowerpots

As someone who actually tried the revamped version I believe they have done a good job fixing all the concerns your listed above. There's no need to grind at all for your primary class as quests can take you the entire way there. If for any reason you find you don't know where to go next they have a very nice recommended quest/zone/dungeon list and loading is not any worse than any other game. I played a new character up to around 35 on my main class and I enjoyed most of it. Not playing it anymore but that's more me not spending as much time playing games period anymore.

Comment: Re:The basics... (Score 3, Informative) 324

I work for a cable company and sat near the Commercial Dev agents for several years it was not uncommon for them to negotiate deals to lay new construction. Many communities opted for bulk agreements as part of the deal that required some basic level of service for all members for a number of years resulting in the cable company willing to cover a larger portion of the construction cost, sometimes all of it.

Comment: Re:How to secure home routers (Score 1) 63

by Zebai (#44468661) Attached to: Extraneous Network Services Leave Home Routers Unsecure

I don't really think there's a need to disable all that either. Personally for my home connection the only real security I need is to block all remote connections and prevent any administrative access from wifi. If i could set my router to not even require a password for LAN connections I would I need no such security to my computer hardwired to my network inside my locked home.

I'm sure If I ran it on some larger network security is important, but the article does say HOME routers.

Comment: Re:holy crap (Score 1) 203

by Zebai (#44036731) Attached to: Comcast To Expand Public WiFi Using Home Internet Connections

A large number of these modems are already provisioned for 2 separate IPv4 addresses and they are fully ipv6 enabled(dual stack Ip4+ip6). The 2nd IPv4 address is used for the telephone service if active as all these gateways are EMTA's. I personally do not like these modems but for different reasons, mainly the firmware is crap and they have frequent problems with the wireless.

Comment: Re:Notes from part time developer (Score 1) 345

by Zebai (#40838373) Attached to: Should Developers Support Windows Phone 8?

Article and the first time poster at #1 both stink of marketing stunts. Also do you even know anybody that has a windows phone? I doubt my friends even know Microsoft is in this market. I think they could steal some corporate market away from blackberry if they thrown in good exchange/vpn support I personally hate the blackberrys my company uses they break often and drop calls daily

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