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Comment "Good Enough" (Score 1) 698

The problem with reworking keyboard layouts is the current layouts are good enough. Good enough, in that most people have learned to type with them and are familiar with the layouts. Muck about with the layout much at all and there's a significant cost involved in adopting the new layout as these people's productivity decreases as their typing speeds decrease while adjusting to the new layout.

I don't think there's another keyboard layout out there (currently designed or possible) sufficiently better, objectively, to over come this.

Comment Re:USA in good company... (Score 1) 649

The UCMJ does still have the death penalty for 14 crimes such a mutiny, espionage, murder, rape and desertion (during war). However, it's been over 60 years since they've performed an execution; the last was in 1961. I think there are 6 people on the military's death row.

Comment There's a name for this kind of gun (Score 4, Informative) 116

A gun like this, triple barreled with shotgun and rifle barrels is called a drilling. Most typically they have two shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel, but other combinations are possible, e.g. one shotgun barrel, one larger caliber (e.g. .30-06) rifle barrel, and a small caliber rifle (e.g. .22lr) barrel.

Comment Re:if you think products are consumer driven. (Score 1) 370

Well, mainstreamed, anyway. The more-or-less new vehicle which came about then was the mini-van. SUVs had been around for quite a while at that point with things like the International Harvester Travelall (1953) and Scout (1960), Ford Bronco (1966), etc. becoming available on the US market well before mileage standards.

Comment Re:Star? (Score 4, Informative) 119

Additionally, in astrophysics the term "metal" includes many elements which are not metals in any other field. Astrophysically, metals are any element other than hydrogen or helium, so in addition to ordinary metals like sodium and lithium non-metallic elements such as carbon and oxygen are counted as metals.

Comment Re:units please (Score 1) 476

Whilst the USA might be having an unusually cold snap, how often is the temp below 0F there, other than Alaska?

Quite a bit, actually. In my hometown in New York in January the average daily low is just above 0F and it was often colder than Anchorage or Fairbanks, Alaska. It wasn't unusual to have daily high temperatures below 0F. The record low was -37F. I'd say below 0F isn't at all unusual above about 40 degrees north latitude in the US except in coastal areas; you're probably talking about 1/3 of the continental US.

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