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Comment: Controller Mod? (Score 5, Interesting) 550

by Zathain Sicarius (#30015334) Attached to: Visually Impaired Gamer Sues Sony
What if you were to play around with the frets with your right hand and mod the controller out to replace the strum bar with two foot pedals? (A bit of a roundabout solution, but Its better than the other replies you've gotten...) What I'd really like to see is the content of these letters that he's sent to Sony. Theres another article linked inside of this one about a guy who is blind and helps other blind people play commercial games through screen readers, surround sound, and menu guides. He's even gone so far as to send mail to developers and publishers to suggest how they might better help the blind. That could be the key difference between these two. If this guy just sent a bunch of letters about how "OMGZ UR GAME ISH HARD FUR BLIND PEEPS" and then giggled to himself how they didn't respond to him, then he's just being an idiot trying to get some cash out of this. If Sony's been ignoring valid suggestions on how to help and giving him the silent treatment, then he might have a case.

Comment: MMO Piracy? (Score 1) 731

by Zathain Sicarius (#27318683) Attached to: Valve Claims New Steamworks Update "Makes DRM Obsolete"

What about private servers? A lot of people download MMO clients and play on homebrew servers for a whole bunch of different MMOs. Not only do they have people stealing the actual game, they're not getting a monthly subscription from 'em. Granted, the client has to deal with laggy and somewhat sparse worlds, but you get my point.
MMO's have just as much as a problem with piracy. ...But the rest of what you said was good. :P

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