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Comment Re:Burglary... (Score 1) 122 122

Some information on rebuilding a PWP. It's also the same the drive as used on the Famicon system in Japan.


There's a more active Famicon hacking scene around... you might look into a famicon drive and fdsloader.


-R C

Comment Wouldn't use a soundblaster... (Score 4, Insightful) 502 502

...but discrete soundcards, especially external ones, are still alive and well if you record. The noise floor of internal sound cards hasn't gotten that much better (a PC is very noisy RF environment), and if you need mic preamps, quarter inch jacks, optical in, etc, they generally don't fit on a PCI card or laptop.

But for general gaming or home theater use? Nope. Send the audio out over the HDMI out, or SPDIF for DVI/VGA rigs, and let the amp sort it out.

-R C

Comment Re:PVR (Score 1) 146 146

It's a crapshoot depending on the CCI settings of your cable provider, but yes, they do. I have the quad tuner from Ceton, and from Verizon FIOS I get locals, expanded basic, and some of the premium channels with my mythtv backend. I recently rebuilt the box; it's currently running on Ubuntu raring, with an AMD A10 and 5x3TB in a ZFS array.

There's a small database that might be helpful:

You'll also need a listings provider; I use Schedules Direct, which just works but does charge.

-R C
(Under linux, you'll only receive channels with no flags or the Copy Freely flag. In the absence of CCI flags, the Ceton tuner will also respect the old school analog (macrovision?) flags that are ignored by clear qam tuners.)

Comment Re:What is the specific impulse? (Score 1) 75 75

Also: Power requirements (covered vaguely in TFA), efficiency, and thermal requirements, since this is an electric ion thruster. There are a lot of SEP designs, although I don't recall any others quite this small.

What I also didn't see in the article is whether they have or need some sort of MEMs equivalent of valves... will the ionic fluid boil off in vacuum without the voltage applied? At what rate? Does the ionic fluid degrade with storage, and will it clog the capillaries like an inkjet printer? How big are the pores, and are they sensitive to cosmic radiation like silicon?

-R C

Forgot to log in. Ah well.

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Comment Re:Better Place (Score 1) 378 378

Before gas stations, you bought gasoline at the hardware store in tins. Later on they added self-measuring pumps, and eventually they evolved into separate establishments. Also remember that roads were largely local during the early part of the automobile era, and it took a long time to develop a decent road network..

Comment Re:These works were written between 40 - 60 years (Score 1) 721 721

Yes, in Life+70 countries that can easily happen. In the US, anything published before 1923 is in the public domain. Anything from 1923 onward requires a lot of research, which sometimes leads to mistakes (as in the Rule 6 clearance referenced above, "The Escape", aka "Brainwave"). Actually, it's not so much a mistake as an oddity in the law. The first publication, as a serial, was not renewed. Only the later republication as "Brainwave" was renewed.

Some people manage by the book, even though they don't know who wrote the book or even what book.