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Comment: Re:Why trust everything to these little devices. (Score 1) 92

by Zarian (#41030777) Attached to: iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing
Not sure why it posted as AC. It took me a day. When I tried to use atm card and found that my entire bank account was emptied out. The bank was supposed to call me, it then took over 1 month to get my money back, thank goodness I had friends and family to help me out. I made damn well sure to never use that bank again. I'm not talking about security through obscurity, where did I talk about that? All I asked was why do people trust doing banking on their cell phone or any electronic device? I don't use my computer for banking. I actually go to the bank. Is convenience worth having your life completely turned upside down or ruined? These are just questions I would like to understand the answers to. Let me rephrase the question Why do we trust things that are so easily compromised?

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