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Zarf's Journal: Best troll evah! 2

Journal by Zarf

So easy to manipulate. *LOL*

Only half troll. It is conceivable that someday it won't really matter what system you have on your desk or in your hand. Only that it is a "web compliant" device of some kind. This is idealistic though. There will always be some inconsistency. It is *possible* that someday "average" people won't use "computers" but "phones" ... in that world neither term is all that well defined.

I think Apple already acts like the web is the only standard that matters. I think Google wants the web to be the only standard (but doesn't believe it is yet). I think Microsoft wants to pretend its iron grip on the market is natural and inevitable (and thus ignore web standards).

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Best troll evah!

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  • For 90% of home users, the web is all that matters. Technologies like ActiveX helped keep the web on Windows for awhile, but as it stands now, the only thing the PC has going for it is flexability (e.g. Flash, selection of browsers, etc) and WoW.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.