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Comment Re:New Zealand's internet slowed down (Score 1) 215

This needs to be modded up. NZ is still in relative dark ages with the internet. Lots of talk about it getting better, but the basic services you can buy here are dreadful. It's only been around a year since they offered "uncapped" uploads, which means higher than 127kbps. It costs roughly $70 for 10GB/month for "naked internet" which means you don't need a phone as well, and that's only just arrived. Unless you can get cable internet, which is only in a few selected areas. My office had a 35GB monthly cap for about 30 people not too long ago. Now we have unlimited, but the bandwidth is sketchy. I've seen the internet in other parts of the world. We got the shaft when it came to handing out tubes.

Comment Use Common Sense (Score 1) 1354

#1: Don't try to meet fellow geeks. Meet anyone and judge them on their personality individually. Maybe you want to socialize with non-LARPs once in a while.
#2: Leave your home. You mention "meat" frighteningly often in your summary, so maybe some cooking classes or taxidermy courses? Volunteer at a soup kitchen or something. Join a sports team or a game club or something. If you're fitness adverse, now is a good time to start. Classes at a gym are good motivation to exercise, and you can meet people.
#3: Make conversation with random people if you have a difficult time talking to normal people. Buy a coffee, make small talk as you pay. Talk to your butcher when buying meat. All this will help your confidence.
#4: Leave your home.
#5: Find singles events in your area. Bar nights, group things, etc, if you're interested in meeting people without the pressure of one-on-one.
#6: Leave your home.

Did I miss anything? Seriously, it's relatively easy. Just harden up and go out into the world. Stop letting fear rule your life. You'd be surprised how often you can meet geeks by accident these days. Everyone seems to have a bit of geekiness about them.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun releases

htd2 writes: "Sun has released the source for Fortress a new highly portable language designed among other things for modern HPC applications. Fortress is designed to make exploiting parallelism as simple as possible while supporting a range of syntax designed to support modern HPC applications. The initial release is of a Fortress interpreter and a subset of the Fortress Language is available from

Fortress is released under a BSD license"

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