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+ - The return of Car Combat: Pixelbionic kickstarts MotorGun

Submitted by Zaphod-AVA
Zaphod-AVA writes: The company created to rejuvenate the car combat genre has just put up the Kickstarter for it's game MotorGun.

Kickstarter has been successful at helping developers bring new versions of classic games and licenses to the modern era. With the the creators of Interstate 76 and Twisted Metal on MotorGun's advisory board, PixelBionic's game might be just what the fans have been looking for. Does post-apocalyptic car combat get your pulse racing? You can help.

+ - The return of Autoduel->

Submitted by Zaphod-AVA
Zaphod-AVA writes: Pixelbionic is assembling the car combat dream team to bring back Autoduel. Zack Norman (creator of Interstate 76) has joined their advisory board.

From their press release:

Pixelbionic was founded to create spirited games such as Autoduel that are ignored by publishers, leaving the door open to independent developers supported by fans of the genre. Autoduel development funding will be crowdsourced, with a Kickstarter campaign launching soon.

"Our mission is to assemble a team of car combat visionaries to deliver the game fans want to not only play but also help create," said Pixelbionic co-founder and President Mike Arkin. "Autoduel pairs the vision of the best talent in the industry with the enthusiasm and support of gamers, a combination we are confident will set the bar for what can be achieved in a new PC vehicular combat game."

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+ - Adobe pulls Flash update support from Ninite.

Submitted by Zaphod-AVA
Zaphod-AVA writes: Adobe has asked Ninite to stop providing updates for Flash Player.

Keeping Flash up to date is critical in maintaining a secure desktop. By removing Ninite's ability to support Flash, they are making desktops less secure, and perpetuating the malware industry's abuse of Adobe's product. Let's make Adobe aware that we want more good options for maintaining the security on the systems we support.

Adobe Security Issue Report Form


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