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Submission + - Cyberwarfare needs better IT intelligence tools (federaltimes.com)

rmpsfdbs writes: In an article in the FederalTimes that should be of interest to computer professionals, Mannes and Hendler point out several interesting points concerning IT in the intelligence community. First, that "human capacity to process enormous quantities of information quickly is limited", second that "Without revamping the information systems used in the intelligence community, more eyeballs will, at best, yield diminishing returns and, at worst, exacerbate problems", and third, "The intelligence community has invested heavily in building unparalleled tools for collecting information — generating dots — while slighting tools to connect them."

According to the authors, "The most commonly reported weakness is that analysts have to search multiple databases to access information and that they cannot integrate the data they find from their searches."

Does the software industry have an answer?


Submission + - New tiny apple touch screen leaked, what is it? (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: What could Apple be coming up with now? Apple.pro has leaked some images on their site of a 3cm touch screen which has Apple markings on it. Apple.pro was also a site that leaked the white iPhone 4 pictures, so it is possible that these are real. But what could it be, an iWatch, new iPod Nano screen, some new iProduct?

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