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Comment Upgrading via the Update Manager: (Score 2) 109

The penitent information that the story blerb doesn't mention is that 17.3 'Rosa' isn't available via the update manger yet. (An upgrade option should be in the "edit" menu.) But, according to Kirk M.:

"Once the new version of the Mint Update Manager is released (next week sometime, there will be an LM blog announcement as well) the option to upgrade to 17.3 will be included usually in the "Edit" menu. By default, the Update Manager will only continue to update your current install (17.2 in your case) unless you specifically choose to upgrade to 17.3. Just click on the option to upgrade listed in the "Edit" menu, sit back and relax until it's done. Reboot.

It shouldn't be any more complicated than installing normal updates since the base remains the same. Your current kernel should stay the same as well (not upgraded to the newer kernel thatâ(TM)s automatically installed during a "clean" install) which is a decent safety factor for those that upgrade."

However, upgrading via the command line can be done right now. According to this website, just issue the following commands:

sudo sed -i 's/rafaela/rosa/g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Reboot; you're good to go.

Submission + - Australian ISPs not ready for mandatory data retention writes: October 13 marks the day Australian ISPs are required by law to track all web site visits and emails of their users, but according to an article on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news site the majority of ISPs are not ready to begin mandatory data retention.

The article's author, Will Ockenden, had previously released his own metadata to readers in an experiment to see how effectively this kind of data reveals personal habits of online users.

The majority of Australians appear unconcerned with this level of scrutiny of their lives, given the minimal reaction to this and proposed tougher legislation designed to deal with the threats of crime and terrorism.

Comment For great justice... (Score 1) 527

Windows User #1: What happen ?

Windows User #2: Somebody set up us the patch.

Windows User #3: We get data link.

Windows User #1: What !

Windows User #3: C Drive turn on.

Windows User #1: It's you !!

MICROSOFT: How are you gentlemen !!

MICROSOFT: All your base are belong to us.

MICROSOFT: You are on the way to destruction.

Windows User #1: What you say !!

MICROSOFT: You have no chance to survive make your time.

Comment Re:Firewall/Router blocking settings? (Score 1) 240

This isn't perfect, but I was using the batch file from here to uninstall/disable most of the telemetry bullshit from Windows 7.

(It says it's for Windows 10, but it seems works for Windows 7, too. Also note that the hiding/disabling of the KB updates in Windows update didn't work perfectly for me; I had to go back in a hide/disable some of them manually, afterward.)

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