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Comment For great justice... (Score 1) 527

Windows User #1: What happen ?

Windows User #2: Somebody set up us the patch.

Windows User #3: We get data link.

Windows User #1: What !

Windows User #3: C Drive turn on.

Windows User #1: It's you !!

MICROSOFT: How are you gentlemen !!

MICROSOFT: All your base are belong to us.

MICROSOFT: You are on the way to destruction.

Windows User #1: What you say !!

MICROSOFT: You have no chance to survive make your time.

Comment Re:Firewall/Router blocking settings? (Score 1) 240

This isn't perfect, but I was using the batch file from here to uninstall/disable most of the telemetry bullshit from Windows 7.

(It says it's for Windows 10, but it seems works for Windows 7, too. Also note that the hiding/disabling of the KB updates in Windows update didn't work perfectly for me; I had to go back in a hide/disable some of them manually, afterward.)

Comment Re:Sometime software can help (Score 2) 95

I've used Liquid Story Binder (which doesn't seem to be actively updated any more) and Scrivener. They both have ways to keep your facts straight.

I'd also add yWriter to that list: it's free and is written by an actual published fiction writer/computer programmer. Also, it runs in WINE.

Comment The fark... (Score 1) 92

The fark... why?? Didn't Google release Android L ("Lollipop") less than a year ago? Why, couldn't this just be Android v5.2 ??

Oh wait. This is the post-Chrome rapid version number churn era... unless a product is updated by big, big, major version numbers at least three times a year*, "consumers" will consider it outdated and old-hat. Right?

( * Along with simplified, condescending changelogs ("coz, technical words scare people!!!") that basically boil down to "we updated your experience and fixed some "issues". Enjoy our product! Lololozz [smile emoji] " )

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