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Comment: Re:Pfft. (Score 1) 308

by Zalminen (#32358280) Attached to: Video Gamers Have Power Over Their Dreams

Falling in a dream and realizing that it was a dream and deciding to stop. Once that happened I was able to turn things into what I wanted.

Yeah, I've had a couple of nightmares where I've realized it's just a dream while still inside the dream.

Unfortunately instead of being able to manipulate the dream I always wake up at that point.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 227

by Zalminen (#30295434) Attached to: Typewriters, Computers, and Creating?

And then there's the clean-up work, the corrections. Hell, I used to have to write everyhing twice. The first time to get it down and the second time to correct the errors and fuckups.

Only twice?

Hell, if I'm writing anything of real importance I generally have to write most of the text closer to a dozen times!
Inserting new sentences, paragraphs, chapters, changing word or paragraph order, making clarifications and corrections - it's simply impossible for me to just write a long text from start to end. My mind just doesn't work like that.

It was a huge relief when I no longer had to write essays etc. with a pencil and could use a text editor.

Comment: Re:Rather smug, I think. (Score 1) 496

by Zalminen (#30269070) Attached to: Microsoft's Top Devs Don't Seem To Like Own Tools

But from the same speed, there is only one situation where an ABS causes longer braking distances: If the ground is not solid, but consists of sand, gravel or freshly fallen snow

...which are all pretty damn common in some countries.

I still prefer ABS but that's hardly 'only one situation'.

Comment: Re:Games are entertainment (Score 2, Interesting) 244

by Zalminen (#29677539) Attached to: How Video Games Reflect Ideology

In real life, I get called a slut, a whore, and a bitch and people assume I am all those things.

Not necessarily.

Most men call someone a whore because it seems to be the one insult that always works. 'Slut' is very similar. 'Fat' is almost as effective - but not quite.

Most men are not verbally talented enough or have good enough intuition to use more accurate insults.

Now why are 'whore' and 'slut' so effective insults? Well, that's a whole different question...

Comment: Re:Florescent Lamps are Shite (Score 2, Interesting) 710

by Zalminen (#29437921) Attached to: Panasonic's New LED Bulbs Shine For 19 Years

Ever try reading by a compact florescent bulb?

All the time.

The experience will pull your eyes out of their sockets and leave you blind by the time your thirty.


I miss my incandescent bulbs, my bright living room, and the ability to read a book for hours on end without getting a headache ...

Never got a headache from fluorescents either.

Yes, there's a visible difference with incandescents and compact fluorescents. Does it really matter in some way? Nope.

Comment: Re:Why all the dissin'? (Score 1) 269

by Zalminen (#29347581) Attached to: New Wheel of Time Book — Chapter One Online, Released Oct 27
First three books were damn good?

Strange, I thought they were ok but not that great.

I started to get bored around book two but originally kept reading since I didn't really have anything to better to read back then. And boy am I glad I did.

If you ask me, the books really became great somewhere after Rhuidean and following Mat's storyline actually made me giggle out loud several times.(Not very manly, yea I know)

Yes, there's a lot of reading in Jordan's books but I don't mind that much since I'm a quick reader and even the side stories are interesting enough to keep my interest.

Can't wait to to see how well Sanderson does with the ending.

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