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Comment Re:lesson learned (Score 1) 137

10.6 Snow Leopard has an interesting bug where it works until you get a new router that supports IPv6, and you configure it with your old SSID and password. WiFi appears to work... but then it doesn't... and then the whole OS beach-balls... you can't even shutdown and have to hard-power off.

The solution is to disable WiFi on the router, power on the Mac, go into network prefs and disable IPv6.

Details here if anyone ever needs it.

Comment Re:Evidence of the Great Filter? (Score 1) 365

The other thing is, if _say_ the event that killed the dinosaurs - lets assume it was the impact of large meteor - had happened 50-thousand years earlier, then _perhaps_ humans and human civilisation would have evolved earlier... and perhaps by now, we'd have wiped our selves out. Or if the dino-die-out occurred 50-thousand years later, we might be too busy building henges to have this discussion.

And that's all equally true of any other possible civilisations... they may have been and gone, or they might not be ready yet. Space is really really mindbogglingly big in... four-dimensions.

Comment Re:Get used to it, this is the future (Score 1) 279

I'm wondering if Apple is also trying to control the second-hand market too?

Car analogy: As I understand it, car hire companies get new cars leased to them by the manufacturers at a nice rate so that (a). they don't need to worry about actually maintaining the cars... they only have them a short time, and (b). the manufacturer doesn't need to worry about N-thousand, almost new cars flooding the market in a year or so's time. Point-B would adversely affect the price of brand-new cars of the same model.

And considering how many units Apple ships, the second-hand market for iPhones is likely HUGE. It means they ship less new units than they might otherwise.

That said, they should probably lower the cost even though on the face of it, they would be making less profit, because of the above benefit (reduction of) the second-hand market. IMHO. Maybe they will if this experiment works?

Comment Re:Never mind run Chrome extensions... (Score 1) 152

It's not been my main browser for years, but I use linux and Mozilla said they were primarily targeting Windows with Firefox... so that maybe explains why it's always been kind of slow on my Ubuntu anyway.

But I do welcome this news. I've only ever really "played" with extension development, but Firefox was always much harder to work with than Chrome, not least because a lot of the documentation seemed to be out of date. I seem to recall the Firefox extension tutorial/example thing used the status bar... that had been removed a long long time before.

Also, I suspect Firefox will need this because I seem to recall hearing that Microsoft Chrome^H^H^H^H^H^HEdge was going to support Chrome extensions. At that point, MS-Edge would, for most users, be superior to Firefox.

Comment Re: WordPress is a security problem (Score 1) 51

I have a dev WordPress install running on localhost which hasn't been updated in a while - I just tried that site, and I get a page saying something like "site maintenance being performed - please try again in a minute", and sure enough, it worked shortly after.

I got an email from it saying it had updated to 4.2.4, but that 4.3 was also now available.

So it seems minor updates get auto-updated, but not major updates. Which is fair enough... but I don't know how long older releases get security patches for.

Comment Re:Dubious assumptions are dubious (Score 1) 307

It infuriates me. I wish that rather than completely switching the lights off, they just turned them off at say 10pm, 10:30, 11, 11:30, 12... take your pick, but it would at least benefit many people earlier in the evening, and that would still be a saving of > 50% over leaving them on all night.

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