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Comment Re:Do they charge patent royalties for Windows Pho (Score 1) 103 103

What I don't get about FAT32 is, if (say) I reverse engineered it and created my own code to read/write it, isn't that totally legal? And fair? And pretty much the same as we've been doing with legacy Office (.doc/.xls) files for years?

So is it that they're claiming some kind of patent on something "special" that FAT32 does? And presumably they couldn't/didn't do the same with Office because everything it does it pretty much just like any other office suite?

Comment Re:YouTube? Srsly? (Score 1) 157 157

A zoom into a fractal stored as a 16-minute YouTube video must be the least efficient way to store an equation. If only there was some sort of a 'fractal compression' method.

Plus, the article states that they only zoom in by a Google squared... presumably because Google set that limit for YouTube.

Comment Re:Systemic and widespread? (Score 1) 489 489

It doesn't show where the officer and the suspect were involved in a tussle as claimed by the officer, during which the suspect reportedly took the officer's stun gun.

If we're still talking about the officer Michael T. Slager case (I'm so /. hardcore, I don't even read the comments let alone TFA!), then part of the reason he's been charged is because the video shows him placing his Taser beside the victim after he'd been shot.

Not disputing your point about videos not showing the entire context though!

Comment Re:If i can't work on my car (Score 1) 292 292

I seem to recall VW improving the repairability of a Golf so that the newer model _should_ have a better insurance group rating. At least, that's what they said.

But at least insurance does provide some way to incentivise manufacturers to improve repairability... in theory anyway. However, I believe cars are increasingly brought on credit with bundled insurance, so maybe that's how they deal with it?

Comment Re:Web sites (Score 1) 277 277

I've not found the PC Mag 2012 best apps listing either, but here's a PC Magazine review of NQ Vault. They seem to be under the impression it provides better security than it actually does. Shame they gave it a relatively nice review despite acknowledging that it's kind of buggy! I note that user-reviews both on the Google Play page and the above PC Mag review mention it loosing their data... which isn't a huge surprise if it's buggy.

Being as it hails from Dallas, I'd assume they tried patenting XOR as a security method and then trolling every equally incompetent "data security" company they could think of before deciding to hack their own one together?!

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