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Comment: Re:Social Networking is a dangerous idea (Score 1) 308

by ZahnRosen (#17369664) Attached to: Social Network Users Have Ruined Their Privacy
1, I have no children, so this isn't a 'my daughter this' or 'my son that' post... 2, Every couple of months I see a couple of kids get involved in things that are illegal or immoral that is traced back to MySpace. I'm not picking on them for any other reason that 80% of social networking traffic is on their site. The Aol chat rooms were just as dangerous and in 5 more years MySpace will be gone and something else will be the most popular thing on the web. The danger is real, although a bit sensationalized. I just don't want to see any more kids in trouble when we know unsupervised time online due to parental neglect or lack of knowledge or whatever cause gives kids more freedom than they can handle. Sure, its 'harmless'. Until its your daughter in lingerie or your son who can't get a job... And thats before you start talking about the more serious types of trouble they can get into.

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