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Comment Re: Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 558

If it's an actual "emergency brake" it's not connected to the hydraulics at all...

Most of these things are safer not being under human control anyway, like being able to put the car in park at 80MPH on the freeway, or engaging the emergency brake in the same situation. If you're not the panicky idiot that everyone else in the world is, perhaps you can ease on a handbrake, but most people are going to yank it on, lock the rear wheels and spin out.

Sure, if the systems all fail you're left (maybe) with engine braking, but at a risk assessment level, more people kill themselves due to bad reactions than mechanical failure. Hell, most of them can't even work out to turn off the ignition when the accelerator pedal gets caught under the floor mat, and if they do will probably turn to key all the way to lock and lose the steering.

The sooner it's all automated the better.

Comment Re:Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 558

Except they want to do as many stupid things as possible:
- Not familiarise themselves with the vehicle (admittedly no one does this)
- Not use the parking brake
- Not turn the car off
- Not take the key when exiting the vehicle

If you've done six stupid things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?

Comment Re:That's why you should have a package manager (Score 1) 64

Doesn't really address the problem here.

In this case the installer is affected by DLL side loading, but it's not like installers are the only time this happens. Most of the examples in the previous link are in running installed executables, like Chrome.

You're correct about package managers in that they've long had useful package signing, but then once things are installed there's a handful of people on earth that can properly maintain a SELinux configuration (accepting the vendor default doesn't count).

Comment Re:Commercial interruption before each act (Score 2) 302

Mmmm, I don't buy that at all.

If you explain that you "only have small, large and grande" it's pedantic to complain "you mean small, medium and large".

Or if you explain "all you can eat" doesn't mean "all you and your 5 friends can eat", fair enough.

However, if you claim that you sell a "capped price" plan and explain that "capped means the minimum amount we charge, we can and will charge you more" then only an idiot accepts that redefinition as kosher.

Comment Re:Not quite AV, but close (Score 1) 74

While your desktop is likely pretty well protected against worms by default (ignoring the fact it's probably punching holes in the firewall with UPnP) it's /entirely/ irrelevant to the attack under discussion.

This is a privilege escalation attack on people who are doing the 'right thing' and not running all their web browsers as admin. i.e. corporate/government networks that tend to enforce AV and have moved on from the Windows 98 model. Access from the internet side is not required.

It's like you're saying HIV isn't a problem because you use condoms with any casual sex partners, but we've gone ahead and infected your spouse to get to you.

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