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Submission + - Help Chicago Boss Choose a Javascript MVC Framework->

Zachary Kessin writes: We want to add a Javascript MVC Framework Integration tool to Chicago Boss (, a Rails type framework for Erlang. So far we are considering Angular, Ember or Backbone and a few others.

We are asking folks to take our survey so that we can have an idea of what our users would find most useful

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Comment Re:78 million (Score 1) 331 331

It could be, but it would be weird if it were the case. Out of millions we are first? Ok someone has to be first but its still kind of improbable.

Of course our ability to spot the radio transmissions from other worlds is pretty thin still so we may well have missed some, infact it seems likely.

Comment Re:I don't understand companies on Facebook (Score 2) 82 82

I'm someone who's only been to Facebook a few times, due to Google searches taking me there. I understand that it's a social site for people to post information about themselves and communicate with friends who use the service. I don't understand it when I see a product saying "Come visit us on Facebook!". Is this just a glorified web page? Why not just put up a website for your company, and let people link to it? Maybe it's like software APIs or something, where the company's Facebook page is a sort of wrapper that makes their interface match that of other Facebook users?

Its all about communicating with customers, and getting new ones. If you can get a customers to friend you what you post shows up on their wall and when
they friend you it shows up to all their friends. So the idea is very simple, get a bunch of people to friend you, send content out them and then get them to bring in
their friends.

Honestly with the size facebook is I would be worried about any company that was *NOT* on facebook.


Honeycomb To Require Dual-Core Processor 177 177

adeelarshad82 writes "According to managing director of Korean consumer electronics firm Enspert, Google's new Android Honeycomb tablet OS will require a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor to run properly. That means that many existing Android tablets will not be upgradeable to Honeycomb, as they lack the processor necessary to meet the spec. Currently, Nvidia's Tegra 2 platform is the only chipset in products on the market to include a Cortex-A9, although other manufacturers have said they're moving to the new processor architecture for 2011 products."

Cooking With Your USB Ports 188 Screenshot-sm 188

tekgoblin writes "Wow, I would never have thought to try and cook food with the power that a standard USB port provides, but someone did. A standard port provides 5V of power, give or take a little. I am not even sure what it takes to heat a small hotplate, but I am sure it is more than 5V. It looks like the guy tied together around 30 USB cables powered by his PC to power this small hotplate. But believe it or not, it seems to have cooked the meat perfectly."

7 of the Best Free Linux Calculators 289 289

An anonymous reader writes "One of the basic utilities supplied with any operating system is a desktop calculator. These are often simple utilities that are perfectly adequate for basic use. They typically include trigonometric functions, logarithms, factorials, parentheses and a memory function. However, the calculators featured in this article are significantly more sophisticated with the ability to process difficult mathematical functions, to plot graphs in 2D and 3D, and much more. Occasionally, the calculator tool provided with an operating system did not engender any confidence. The classic example being the calculator shipped with Windows 3.1 which could not even reliably subtract two numbers. Rest assured, the calculators listed below are of precision quality."

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Released 272 272

supersloshy writes Today Mozilla released Thunderbird 3. Many new features are available, including Tabs and enhanced search features, a message archive for emails you don't want to delete but still want to keep, Firefox 3's improved Add-ons Manager, Personas support, and many other improvements. Download here."

Comment US PTO standards (Score 3, Informative) 965 965

I think at some point in the 19th century the US Patent Office decicded that to patent a Perpetual motion machine you would have to produce a working demo and have it run for a year and a day (they had a LOT of bogus claims). So if these guys think they can make one, time to build a demo and set it up for review.

It would be possible to draw some energy from the earth's magnetic field, but not very much its not a very strong magnetic field.
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Journal Journal: We got Stoned

My wife and I were taking the bus from Jerusalem home last night, after having dinner with a friend in town. As we were passing by Rammalah the bus got stoned. Two rocks hit the right side of the bus. One hit right where my wife was sitting and the other hid the rear door which was right behind her.

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