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Comment Re: One game, one save (Score 1) 70

One of the bonuses of saving the info on the amiibo is that you can bring it to your friend's and use it there.

Have you heard about this new thing called "Internet"? It is great! It can be used to transfer data between computing equipments all around the world!
More seriously now, XBox Live has this. I once went to a friend's house and logged my account in his console and was able to recover my on-cloud data (some games allow you to save on the cloud storage). The Amiibo doll could function as a loging key.

Comment Re:Well done, smart guy (Score 1) 247

Some centuries ago, crossbows were "modern technology the government could use to control the world". Nutjobs seem to lack hindsight when they blame technology, they fail to see that even fire and the wheel are technologies. They issue flyers against technology forgetting that printing is a technology. People like this should be sent to the loony bin, since they can't perceive reality.

Comment Re:About right (Score 4, Funny) 246


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Comment Re:Basic DVD feature (Score 3, Interesting) 62

Sometimes it was used and you didn't even notice. One notable example is Toy Story's DVD from region 4. It had dubbing and subtitles for english, spanish and portuguese, and since Pixar had the trouble to translate some in-scene texts (like the text in Buzz's box/spaceship), the DVD changed the "angle" for the right language and match the language you picked at the start of the movie.

Comment Re:haha cost (Score 1) 111

People get kidnapped off the streets for a paltry few hundred dollars' ransom.

This is past. Now they just call random phone numbers and say something like "I got your daughter here with me, if you want to see her well again transfer 2000 bucks to this account". All this using smuggled cell phones, in the comfort of the penitentiary they are in!

My father once got one of those calls and since he didn't know where my sister was, he was scared. He KNEW that 99.9% of those ransom calls are fake, but when that's about your kid and you are not 100% they are ok, you fall prone to this fear. Luckly he was able to tell his wife to call my sister and check she was ok, before hanging up. Another friend's mother didn't have the same luck and lost about 2000 US dollars for one of those calls.

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