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Comment Re:indeed, let's not (Score 1) 684

Mars is a deep gravity well, and there's little evidence that there is anything in it we want.

We would probably want some gravity, actually. We are used to it. I enjoy it most when it's around 9.8 m/s^2.

Comment Re: One game, one save (Score 1) 70

One of the bonuses of saving the info on the amiibo is that you can bring it to your friend's and use it there.

Have you heard about this new thing called "Internet"? It is great! It can be used to transfer data between computing equipments all around the world!
More seriously now, XBox Live has this. I once went to a friend's house and logged my account in his console and was able to recover my on-cloud data (some games allow you to save on the cloud storage). The Amiibo doll could function as a loging key.

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