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Comment Unacceptable (Score 1) 512

Sorry, but I find this unacceptable and un-American. I am not going to do business with Radioshack anymore. Sure you may say that by not doing business with them I am in fact making conditions worse for employees, because less revenue means less demand for labor, but that is bunk. My dollars will go to a more ethical corporation.

Space Shuttle Heading Home 62

Reuters is reporting that the shuttle has been prepping for a return to Earth, stowing gear and checking systems. Their expected return is tomorrow morning, around 9am EDT. From the article: "During tests on Sunday a leaking power unit for the shuttle flight control system appeared to be in good enough shape for landing and the jets that steer the spacecraft worked fine, NASA engineers said. The shuttle crew was still awaiting word on whether Discovery's heat shield had passed a final inspection performed on Saturday, but scans conducted with cameras and sensors throughout the flight had so far turned up no damage."

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