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Submission + - Poll: Hell

Z00L00K writes:
  • Is exothermic.
  • Is endothermic.
  • Where did I put my Hellschreiber?
  • Something that Cowboy Neal cares about.

Comment Re:10 years later, I'm annoyed at the news (Score 1) 105

I saw some news about people that did move back - and they regretted it. They realized that it was actually better if they had stayed where they had been evacuated.

In any case - I was (and currently am as well) stuck on the other side of the Atlantic so it was more like a cursory interest in the events.

Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 4, Insightful) 233

Yet another reason to make sure you have a good adblocker with a good filter setup.

At the same time newspapers starts to complain when you use an adblocker, so it means that the use of adblockers are successful and effective.

Now web browsers need to work on improving security even more to avoid cross-site content and block suspicious sources even better. This is not only the ordinary cookies or injected ads that are to be considered but also "super-cookies" and cookies/caching of plugin data. Virtualization by default may also be useful - so that each program runs in its own sandbox.

And Android do have some concept of security permissions where the app requests rights before getting installed but at the same time it don't allow the user to actually say no to the request and still install the app. That is something that has to be improved, I as a user can accept that the app I install don't have the full functionality if I for example deny access to the address book.

Submission + - Inside the booming, unhinged, and dangerous malvertising menace->

mask.of.sanity writes: A feature on the online malicious advertising (malvertising) menace that has become an explosively potent threat to end-user security on the internet. Experts say advertising networks and exchanges need to vet their customers, and publishers need to vet the third party content they display. Users should also consider script and ad blockers in the interim.
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Submission + - Hungary to send more police to secure borders from migrants->

Bradley28 writes: Hungary is set to send up to 2,000 extra police to help secure its borders, its Interior Ministry said Wednesday, amid concern over increased numbers of migrants attempting to cross into the country.

Thousands of men, women and children — many fleeing conflict in Syria or Afghanistan — are on the move toward northern Europe, where they hope to claim asylum in European Union countries such as Germany.

The mass movement of people has led to tensions in non-EU countries on their route, including Macedonia and Serbia.

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Submission + - In Praise of the Solo Programmer writes: Jean-Louis Gassée writes that once upon a time, we were awestruck by the solo programmer who could single-handedly write a magnum opus on a barebones machine like the Apple ][ with its 64 kilobytes of memory and an 8-bit processor running at 1MHz. Once such giant was Paul Lutus, known as the Oregon Hermit, who won a place next to Jobs and Wozniak in the Bandley Drive Hall of Fame for his Apple Writer word processor. "Those were the days Computers and their operating systems were simple and the P in Personal Computers applied to the programmer," writes Gassée. "There’s no place for a 2015 Paul Lutus. But are things really that dire?"

As it turns out, the size and complexity of operating systems and development tools do not pose completely insurmountable obstacles; There are still programs of hefty import authored by one person. One such example is Preview, Mac’s all-in-one file viewing and editing program. The many superpowers of Apple’s Preview does justice to the app’s power and flexibility authored by a solo, unnamed programmer who has been at it since the NeXT days. Newer than Preview but no less ambitious, is Gus Mueller’s Acorn, an “Image Editor for Humans”, now in version 5 at the Mac App Store. Mueller calls his Everett, WA company a mom and pop shop because his spouse Kristin does the documentation when she isn’t working as a Physical Therapist. Gus recently released Acorn 5 fixing hundreds of minor bugs and annoyances. "It took months and months of work, it was super boring and mind numbing and it was really hard to justify, and it made Acorn 5 super late," writes Mueller. "But we did it anyway, because something in us felt that software quality has been going downhill in general, and we sure as heck weren't going to let that happen to Acorn."

Submission + - Ins0mnia Flaw Let Dangerous iOS Apps Run In Background 'Indefinitely'

Mickeycaskill writes: Researchers at FireEye discovered a “rare” loophole in iOS that could have allowed attackers to distribute malware through the App Store.

‘Ins0mnia’ allowed a potentially malicious application to run permanently in the background, accessing data and performing other tasks, even if a user closed the app and it was no longer visible in the task switcher.

iPhone and iPad apps can only run in the background for roughly three minutes before the application is terminated by iOS. This safeguard allows apps with legitimate permission to access functions to perform tasks, while preventing others from eavesdropping.

However Ins0mnia tricked iOS into believing the device was being debugged, meaning the time limit never expired. A piece of malware could have stolen information and sent it to a remote server without a user’s knowledge – not only compromising privacy, but harming performance and draining battery life.

Apple patched the vulnerability in iOS 8.4.1

Submission + - After five years, is Openstack ready?

Mickeycaskill writes: OpenStack is five years old this month, but is it ready for the mainstream?

The cloud platform, originally developed by NASA, is now viewed as a viable platform by many — not least Walmart and the NSA. It has been deemed a non-profit organisation by the IRS and is viewed by many as a democratizing technology.

At OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015, it's biggest conference yet, its 25,000 members across 167 countries, including Google and Intel and analysts debate whether Openstack is now ready for the big time.

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