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Submission + - Samsung laptop bug is not Linux specific->

YurB writes: "Matthew Garret, a Linux kernel developer who was investigating the recent Linux-on-Samsung-in-UEFI-mode problem, has bricked a Samsung laptop using a test userspace program in Windows. The most fascinating part of the story is on what is actually causing the firmware boot failure:

Unfortunately, it turns out that some Samsung laptops will fail to boot if too much of the [UEFI] variable storage space is used. We don't know what "too much" is yet, but writing a bunch of variables from Windows is enough to trigger it. I put some sample code here — it writes out 36 variables each containing a kilobyte of random data. I ran this as an administrator under Windows and then rebooted the system. It never came back.


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Submission + - The Software Wars: a WIP documentary about open source->

YurB writes: "There is a trailer and a struggling fundraising campaign for a to-be-finished 90-minute documentary "about the battle for our right to share technology and ideas." Among the people who appear in the trailer are Linus Torvalds, Bradley Kuhn, Greg Kroah-Hartman and others. A special case is RMS who can't be interviewed "because he is too demanding" (according to a comment by Keith Curtis, the author of the movie, posted at the trailer youtube page)."
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