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Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1578

by Yunzil (#46783695) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

They've been peaceful the whole time, and did nothing more than provide a presence and protest. The only difference between them and Occupy $location is the presence of firearms

The Occupy folks didn't owe a bunch of unpaid fees to the government and hadn't been flouting the law for 20 years either. I seriously can't believe anyone would white-knight for Bundy.

Comment: Re:I am so glad (Score 1) 270

by Yunzil (#46729383) Attached to: The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

However, I find that when something goes wrong with Windows, no one actually calls Microsoft for support despite paying for an MSDN subscription. We've had trouble connecting to SQLServer or the jdbc driver for SQLServer has a memory leak, don't call Microsoft. Instead my manager scours the internet and says, "take this website's advice." How, I ask you, how is that different than Linux? So much for better supported.

Hold on, you're paying for support, no one uses it and somehow that proves that MS products don't have good support?

Comment: Re:Because Hollywood. (Score 1) 544

by Yunzil (#46652383) Attached to: 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

Sure, visually you can see it's a soft shoulder, but audibly, your brain hasn't bothered to think about dirt or gravel noises. The first sound most audiences associate with a fast departure like that is a squealing tire. That's what they expect

No, actually that only what audio engineers expect. The rest of us in the audience are sitting there thinking, "Why the hell are the tires squealing on gravel? The audio engineer must be a moron."

Comment: Re:Change (Score 2) 162

by Yunzil (#46632823) Attached to: Subversion Project Migrates To Git

Terrible, unintuitive syntax. Horrible documentation that was apparently written for people who already understand it. Obscure error messages. Too much knowledge required up front to start using it effectively. Hard to pick up the pieces when something inevitably goes wrong.

I've seen posts elsewhere where people say "Oh, once you understand that behind the scenes it's working on blobs and trees and commits then it makes more sense. Also, graph theory." OK, but should I need to know any of that? I don't need to know how an internal combustion engine works to drive my car.

It probably makes perfect sense to Linus and people who shares his brainwaves. To us mere mortals, not so much.

But this is all moot because I just realized the article is a joke.

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