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+ - Konica Minolta launch Developer Support Program

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "Konica Minolta have just released their SDK for creating applications that interface directly with most of their standard office MFP range at no cost to almost anyone that signs up for it. The SDK is a package of assemblies for the .NET Platform (including official Mono support), however the interface specifications (with WSDL files) are also available for anyone wishing to use the communication protocol directly and a few Java samples are available for this purpose. Also included are sample applications (mostly in C# but a little VB.NET also) and documentation.
The licensing appears fairly permissive, however is only free as in beer, not free as in speech. There are no direct restrictions preventing use of the assemblies in GPL works however.
Currently, the SDK is only released through Konica Minolta Europe's Developer Support Program, and according to the sign-up page, you shouldn't access it if you live outside of Europe (however, with most non-obvious email addresses, who knows where you are?). Additionally, the registration form requires a company name, so it is expected you at least work somewhere...
The Developer Support Program also includes specification documents for other developer related topics unrelated to this SDK specifically such as PDL and MIB specifications.
The Developer Support Program is free to sign-up, however for direct support from Konica Minolta, a charged subscription is required (there's a moderated discussion forum for non-paying users though)

Ever wanted the Konica Minolta MFP in your office to do exactly what you tell it? Here's your chance!"

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