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The Military

Submission + - Downside of Dominance -- Lockheed and the F16 (

mlimber writes: The Washington Post reports that Lockheed Martin is building the F35, the Joint Strike Fighter, for all the branches of the military, but some are asking why it is needed. The F16, which is also manufactured by Lockheed, is significantly cheaper, has upgrades to modernize it from its origins in the 1970s, and has never lost an air-to-air battle (not to mention, "with 200,000 sorties flown, the plane has been shot down just six times"). In short, "Lockheed's most potent competitor in the fighter business is Lockheed."

Submission + - Cheap Home Lead Testing - How?

Spinlock_1977 writes: "I received a gift from a friend — a tea ball. It was made in China. And it's metallic. Home lead-testing kits seem to start at a hundred or two dollars and go up from there. I'm loathe to spend that much to test a five dollar item. Does the slashdot community have suggestions for how to test for lead at home, on the cheap?"

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