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Comment: Re:Some random CEO passed away? Oh noes! (Score 1) 167

No, it gathered a clickbait post here, so it is fair bait for ridicule.
I'd never heard of him, nor the company.

If the CEO of my former employer, that operates in sort of the same space, but is probably quite a bit larger, were to pass away...I would not expect to read of his demise in here.
But this particular guy is Facebook related, so Dice must genuflect properly.

I fully commiserate with the family and company. But really?

Comment: Re:Far too expensive for a used car (Score 2) 63

by YrWrstNtmr (#49606751) Attached to: Tesla Adds Used Models To Its Inventory, For Online Purchase
Drivetrain wear. And seat cushions, and pedal surfaces, and all that other stuff that shows wear damage after use.
Yes, they are great cars. But why would I pay $60-70K for a used one, when a new one isn't that much more?

A BMW, $50k new. A few years old, $25k. That works. If that used BMW were $45k...that would NOT work.

Comment: Re:One word: Cloud (Score 2) 241

Oh jebus. It's not that cut and dried. 15 years ago, a boyfriend of one of my daughters got busted for pot. He was 15 or 16. Black kid, from a far below living wage single mother family. In Redneckistan Virginia.
You know what happened to him? The cop brought him to my house (mom was out of town, I think). "Sir...would you take responsibility for this dude?" 'Yeah, I guess'. The cop then drove off. No lawyer, no PD, no court, no actual charges.

But no. The collective /. mind believes that anyone not fully monied and lawyered up automatically gets gets the full sentence in PMITA prison.

Actual life doesn't work like that.

The boyfriend got the 'dad speech' from me ("you dumbass"), but I don't think it stuck. He remained a dumbass.

For this fire to the computer lab is a pretty serious deal. There is only so much a lawyer can do for you. But I suspect if this a first offense....probation.

Comment: Re:One word: Cloud (Score 4, Informative) 241

Nobody was hurt, the next day it was business as usual. So give this kid a reasonable sentence for the damage done, and let him have a chance to see his error and learn from it. The lesson should be that he was lucky that this didn't turn into something really big. Next time his luck may change, and this experience may hold him back then. Send him to prison for seven years and he will come out as a wreck or as a professional criminal. Who wants that?

And we out here have zero idea of what his actual sentence will be. Yes, the max penalties for his felonies add up to 'years'. Will he actually get consecutive, max duration, penalty for each of them? Highly doubtful.
This, of course, depends on any past interaction with the legal system. If he is a repeat offender, then yes, he may well get the max. Otherwise, probably not.

Comment: Re:Cost of Programmers Cost of Engines (Score -1, Flamebait) 120

by YrWrstNtmr (#49600997) Attached to: Should Developers Still Pay For Game Engines?
Time is money. Engines can be free all they want, but that doesn't automatically mean they'll save you money. A careful cost-analysis should be done for any product, especially one that's going to completely dictate your production process. An engine has got to solve more problems than it causes--all the way down to the mouse clicks used in the production of assets--to warrant the cash.

Similarly, this should be loudly repeated for anyone proposing a switch from Windows ($$$) to Linux (free!)

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 2) 108

by YrWrstNtmr (#49581507) Attached to: Russian Cargo Spacehip Declared Lost
I'd point out that in order to run a marathon, you have to train for a marathon. Walking is not a very suitable means of doing this.

When training for a marathon, walking is a very good training step when you are a 1 year old human.
WRT to space flight, we are at the 1 year old human stage. We've taken a couple of hundred 'steps'. Not quite mastered the concept yet.

Comment: Re:Just my take (Score 1) 371

by YrWrstNtmr (#49576205) Attached to: Who Owns Pre-Embryos?
If the sperm donor can be positively identified, yes they can go after him.
Kansas, last year. Lesbian couple want a child. They enlist a male friend to provide the sperm.
A couple years later, the female couple breaks up. The custodial mom applies to the state for financial aid. The state goes after the sperm donor for recompense. And gets it in court.

I believe there was a similar case in Sweden a couple of years ago.

Comment: Re:Actually, it *IS* smoother... (Score 1) 170

by YrWrstNtmr (#49573921) Attached to: Verizon Tells Customer He Needs 75Mbps For Smoother Netflix Video
4 months ago, I upgraded the Verizon FiOS router from the initial crappy one, to a zippy n router. WiFi performance increased significantly. No change from 50/50 needed. And no need to speak to a Verizon rep. Just order it online, it arrives in the mail, done.
And the $100 payment was spread across 3 months of Verizon bills.

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