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+ - OiNK Servers Raided; Admin Arrested

Submitted by
54mc writes ", A popular, yet exclusive bittorrent tracker has gone down. TorrentFreak reports that the servers were raided and seized by agents working under IFPI. The new homepage indicates that the IFPI will be conducting an investigation into the identities and activities of the users of the site. TorrentFreak also points out that IFPI has threated such before, but nothing has ever come of it."

+ - Leaseweb to Divulge Owner of>

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The highly popular BitTorrent site Demonoid has been playing a game of cat and mouse with the Dutch copyright authority BREIN. BREIN recently issued a cease and desist letter to's hosting company Leaseweb, demanding they divulge the owner's identity, address and banking details. Leaseweb tried to resist, however today reports they have agreed to divulge all requested information. has since moved to Canada, will it be enough?"
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+ - Google Rebrands Personalized Homepage as iGoogle

Submitted by rm69990
rm69990 (885744) writes "Google has officially rebranded their personalized homepage as iGoogle. According to Marissa Mayer, Google's VP of search products and user experience, iGoogle was floated as a name for the Personalized Homepage back in 2005 when the service was being assembled. One of the major new features of iGoogle is the ability to build gadgets without any prior programming experience. For those not in the know, Gadgets are similar to widgets on Apple's Dashboard or... gadgets on Vista's toolbar."

Wasn't there something about a PASCAL programmer knowing the value of everything and the Wirth of nothing?