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Comment: 5 years will do it (Score 1, Interesting) 142 142

Android will put all the nails in the coffin of Microsoft. Around the world people do not have the disposable income we have in the USA. The poor will get computers and the 3rd world counties will for many. In the developing lands we want something that works like an iPad and if we don't have the ability to buy one for each family member we will use android. All the developers that don't have their head in the sand or their ass have seen this and are writing android apps for the billion devices out there already.

There are a smaller group that have more disposable income and have purchased several Mac computers, iPads and iPhones. Not the norm but a big number.

The dying breed are the ones stuck to the Windows PC for gaming, for enterprise apps and old fashioned MS Office. Any PC user with a brain would have ditched MS Office some time ago for the open source office packages and been quite happy. Windows 10 for $x per month, that will create a thermo nuclear war. Just because you build a huge cloud with your spare cash your sitting on does not mean you will attract customers. You leave a $250 steak at your kids lemonade stand it will not sell no matter how many you buy, how many you cook or how many you have on display. Give that steak enough time and you got yourself some smelly food that is attracting flies and other undesirable animals. Your moving product but not in a sustainable way.

Good luck MS, I am ready for a change. I am sure there were longtime IBMers that we ready for IBM/Mainframers to shoot themselves in the foot when MS was the underdog.

Comment: What is wrong with these Tech Idiots? (Score 2) 237 237

Break up Google? Huh?

WTF is Microsoft? Windows has ALWAYS collected statistics and sent them to the bINg search engine. Have you installed ANY Microsoft Office products? Windows Genuine activation? Why are they trying to break into the Tablet market with a Desktop OS? Why did the Desktop users have to suffer with the Tablet Tiles in MS office? The XBox was a money looser for years and still is not competitive with the PS4, so they are using the desktop and office cash to feed the game console.

I think the MS lobbyist have taken over the decision making of the EU, plain and simple.

Comment: I can tell you about Gigabit fiber on those poles! (Score 1) 516 516

Well if your lucky to live in an area that is serviced by an electric coop you might get high speed gigabit fiber on those wooden poles. Yes the COOP's are doing it where the commercial power companies will never do it, ever. So some people are lucky and get fiber from Google others get it from the COOP. The rest of America is going to just wait....

If your in an area where your power is underground it might take an additional decade or two for you to get gigabit fiber to your house from underground.

So have if your way. I say cut the trees down that could knock out power and that would be like 90% of the power issues. It also means your internet will keep working. ;)

Comment: Rural America at 28.8bps... (Score 1) 116 116

We cannot get anything faster than 28.8 in the parts of america that is 15 miles from a town. What gives? These people have a copper phone line, power and in some cases natural gas. But no high speed internet. They do not do windows updates or update the browser or plugins until night when the computer can download all night. And they do not have a router so we have a windows machine right on the Internet ready for the latest Windows attacks.

I think Microsoft should pay a LOT to get broadband to those people so they can get patched. Microsoft has more money than the US Federal government, or it appears that way....

Comment: Re:Fsck x86 (Score 1) 230 230

Your full of SH!T, must be a paid troll from Intel.

I recall seeing the DEC Alpha in person running CADRA-III CAD software and it ran circles around Intel and it was 64 bit pure. 64 bit PowerPC is way better than Intel x86 as well.

Now if you were a real techie you would know the current CPU was derived from AMD with the AMDx64 architecture. AMD's early chipsets could access the RAM at 40 bits wide so you could use up to 1TB of RAM while Intel was crippled at 36 bits and 64gig of RAM( AMD also had the hyper transport bus where Intel was still pushing the clock race war and Front Side Bus with a 40 bit RAM limitation on the first version.

Sun and Apple use what they want and are niche players, you do know that HP is still trying to push the itanium. You do remember that failure... The monopoly power is the thing that allow those nut jobs to send a totally different architecture on the world of desktop PC's and servers tied to the Windows monopoly.

Now go eat a SH!T sandwich!

Comment: Re: Amusing (Score 0) 249 249

cheap users, like the wino that buys bottles of that lightening sh!t my dad would call the $2 bottle of liquor.

I had a lady I used to work with asked for computer advice, her son wanted a laptop. She said she bought it and it came with the latest Windows OS and she hated it. She asked if I could help her out. I asked her what exactly her son asked for, she said a Mac. I told her that if she bought a mac he would be happy and she would not be trying to get free help. I suggested she call MS or tech support and if that did not work she had 14 days to return it. In the end she just kept it and both her and her son were not happy. Some people really are ignorant and want others to spoon feed them.

Comment: Re:Vista's not that bad (Score 1) 249 249

You programmers have to get one clue. Write good code that runs on systems. Your system must not rely on a monopoly and should rely on standards. Your apps should run on a Mac, iPad, Android device, Linux and Windows. VB .NET means you are tied to ONE vendor and your sh!t can break with every OS, version of Office or monthly security update.

Who cares if Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Sun, HP, Lenovo, Compaq, DEC, Amiga, ect goes out of business if you write your app to a standard. The standard since the early 90's was a web app and still is.

Besides if MS throws a lot of horsepower behind Windows on Arm will any of your VB .NET sh!t run on that? Nope...

Have fun...

Comment: Call your friendly Electric Coop (Score 2) 324 324

As long as the local electricity is provided by a Coop you should be able to get it. You might have to get all your neighbors to sign up as well but you get a Gig fiber connection to your house( called an ONT ) and you pay for whatever bandwidth they decide to sell. Usually 10, 25, 50 and 100 megabit business service. It works really good.

You say your electricity comes from a local monopoly like Consumers Energy, well I guess you will have to wait 2 decades and they might have it, they are just a little behind and have NO incentive to provide extra services to have happy customers.

Comment: Re:Now is the time for more than the status quo (Score 1) 340 340

Here is a remote Mic and sound, not generic X but you can get it to work on Linux, you just have to pay and set it up, not as straight forward as a single X session :

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