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Comment: Half the steps are useless (Score 1) 161

by YoungManKlaus (#49208677) Attached to: Why It's Almost Impossible To Teach a Robot To Do Your Laundry

I dont need the robot to pick up my laundry, I am perfectly happy with dropping the dirty stuff into a chute to the cellar where it gets processed.
That alone eliminates steps 1-6. 7 gets drastically simplified (because your machine could just use a directly-attached big tank).

The only non-trivial things remaining are:
1) I do not like dryers -> air-drying is supperior, ideally, summer this should happen outside depending on weather ... so this means picking the clothes apart and figuring out how they should be hung on a line, and possibly transferring them outside (though this party could be quite simple if you put your lines on a sort of movable rack)
2) Folding laundry afterwards (or putting it on hangers)
3) Ideally, putting it back into my wardrobe

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