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Comment Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528

Not really. Beer was not meant to be a pastime enjoyment. It was survival. For millennia it was the only known safe and easy way to have potable water supply, and its 'liquid bread', so its packed with nutrients and calories. The idea of actually brewing beer for the alcohol content...was not even on the agenda until more modern times. IE people didnt drink beer for the taste, they drank it because they HAD to.

Comment Re:There is no such thing as non-empirical science (Score 5, Insightful) 364

IF you are not willing to even entertain the idea of trying to back up your ideas with the scientific method you are not a scientist. You are a philosopher. For the longest time 'Aether' ( was considered an elegant solution. The scientific method proved it to be bollocks. BUT if every scientist simply went 'yeah that is a simple and elegant solution' Aether would still be considered a valid scientific idea. That is what separates scientists from navel gazers.

Comment Re:title is wrong (Score 1) 237

You are assuming that the two other stalls didnt have 'out of order' posters when he went to the can. I know that is how I would do it. See his routine....stick up a couple signs. wait till he leaves. take them down. rinse and repeat...UNTIL I wanted to 'catch' him. Maybe he has diabetes and needs to pee often. Who knows. My point is he probably is guilty...but peeps are way to fast to jump to conclusions and destroy peoples lives.

Comment Re:title is wrong (Score 1) 237

Maybe the other stalls werent empty like the person who 'caught' him is claiming. Maybe they are the ones who set him up. Its how I would do it. IDK, just playing devils advocate...but that is why innocent until proven guilty SHOULD be the way it is in all courts - even the court of public opinion. Of course most people are too stupid to think for themselves - as Honey BooBoo and Kim K's popularity prove - so it probably is just a pipe dream.

Comment Re:Hooray! (Score 1) 676

Gotcha. It wasnt Hilly noooo, she was just...gasp!...the victim of over-aggressive supporters. I bet you will say the same thing about her "3 in the morning phone call" ad too know the one that undermined Barry in the eyes of 50% of the population and made his job a shit ton harder. And then you move the goal posts. You really are what is wrong with the Democratic party. How about this, hold everyone to the same standards and try and be a liberal like the rest of the sane part of the once great Democratic party. Vote for someone else while there is still time.

Comment Re:Almost Time (Score 1) 676

You do realize that the money people are indeed fleeing the US in record numbers? Even just a quick google can show you that this is a disturbing trend...and with Barry O actual musing on national fucking television about a death tax, exit tax, and taxing the rich even more expect the exodus of rich people to get worse if Hilly gets elected. Sucks but the Dem need a LIBERAL candidate or the US is fucked.

Comment Re:How quaint. (Score 1) 441

I laugh at people who think oil prices only lower the shipping cost of food. FFS talk to a farmer. Guess what they use...diesel and a lot of it. When the cost of oil goes down, the cost of diesel goes down too. This means the cost of the crops go down. Which you, guessed it, means savings at the grocery market. Who'd have thunk it! When net expense drastically decrease the cost of final goods also can decrease - and yes they will as food is a cut throat marketplace with slim margins.

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 437

Considering that their current model is failing and failing badly (movie goer numbers are down IIRC to 90s levels...and percentage of peeps who go to the movies is also WAY down - IIRC 10% now from its high of 50%)....maybe it is time they take another look at their multi-market strategy. Maybe they can make MORE money if they 'sold' the media for LESS. Odd how that works, but even Henry Ford understood this way back in the dark ages of US consumerism. :P Honestly these dinosaurs still think they are the only game in town. Now peeps have options. Video games, home cinema setups, cable TV, hell theaters that cater to hipsters with only old movie showings. Brave new world.

Comment Re:One fiber to rule them... (Score 2) 221

Bahahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Who do you think granted those companies their virtual monopolies? Answer: the state gov. In the real world the upto 20mb works like this "first 5 seconds is full speed, then next 30 seconds is half speed...then after that its 10%". They call it 'Fair Usage Policies' and thats how they around the law as you GET your full 20mb/s...but nowhere does it state that you get it all the time. Thus its not fraud as you agreed to it before purchasing it...from the usually ONE option in your part of town. Want to fix the Net in North America. Remove ALL monopoly laws. Allow everyone to compete in every area. THEN this 'up to' BS dies overnight as customers will have the power again.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_