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Comment: Re:People *want* MS vendor lock-in? (Score 2) 170

by Yosho (#48940207) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS

People actually want their information stored in Microsoft's proprietary format? I thought that was something done out of ignorance, or because you felt forced to do so.

No, and yes, that's right. I don't know that anybody has said, "Sweet, I love Outlook!" Rather, you use Outlook because you work for somewhere that uses an MS Exchange e-mail server whether you like it or not.

Comment: Re:It is hard not to associate this with 8chan (Score 2) 184

by Yosho (#48872219) Attached to: Moot Retires From 4chan

"Very few places" here being slashdot, youtube, reddit, twitter, and pretty much everywhere else on the internet...

You can say anything you want, but you'll probably get modded down and ignored quickly, if not banned.

And even if you don't, you've still got a reputation. Your real identity may not be attached to your posts, but you've still got an identity, and people will at least remember what you say and possibly track down your uses of that identity on other web sites.

Anonymity isn't just a feature on 4chan, it's part of the culture. Nobody can punish you for anything you say, nobody can speak louder than you, and nobody can embarass you because there is nothing linking your identity to your words.

People make a lot of noise about "evil" things being said on 4chan, but that's not quite right. There's a lot of honesty on 4chan. Without any repurcussions, shame, or punishment, everybody can say exactly what they're thinking. They're still thinking it elsewhere -- but they feel like they can vocalize it on 4chan. And there's a lot of interesting, insightful discussion that goes on there, too, especially with regards to subjects that are too taboo or embarassing to discuss in places where you have an identity.

Comment: Re:The NSA would love it. (Score 2) 203

by Yosho (#48726237) Attached to: Why Aren't We Using SSH For Everything?

Got any reliable citations for those sources, or is it just the nebulous "some"? I mean, some sources say the NSA has brainwave scanners and can tell what you're thinking from a van outside your house. But those guys are nuts.

The protocol is an open standard, and anybody who has looked at OpenSSH's source code has "cracked" it. It's not terribly complex. If you're transmitting over an unencrypted connection or using a compromised cipher or key, anybody can figure out what you're doing.

The real issue (and what you're probably thinking of) is whether the NSA has backdoors in or has cracked different encryption ciphers that are commonly used over SSH. If they have, that's a much more widespread problem than just SSH, because those ciphers are used elsewhere, too (like in HTTPS).

Comment: Re:The human eye is proof God exists (Score 2, Insightful) 187

by Yosho (#48667337) Attached to: Human Eye's Oscillation Rate Determines Smooth Frame Rate

The appeal is that it's the truth. People want to discover the truth about how our world works and how we came to exist in it, and science is how we do that -- and every bit of science we have indicates that evolution is the only plausible explanation for the current diversity of life on Earth.

you're pushing the idea that life has no true purpose and random death means progress

No, we're not, and I think the whole "you can't have meaning without religion!" bit is one of the most insidious lies the Christian church has pushed. Not following the dogma laid out in 2000-year-old books means you can make your own purpose in life. You can decide what gives you meaning and what you consider progress. I promise that if you go to any Humanist gathering, you will see plenty of people who have meaning and purpose without religion. Talk to them a bit, even -- I'll bet they'll be perfectly friendly if you say, "Hey, I'm a Christian but wanted to see what you guys are all about." Learning first-hand what life without religion is like is better than taking your pastor's word for it (after all, do you think maybe he has his own agenda?).

I'd rather bet on a .001% chance that Jesus is Lord than 99.999% chance that life is based on nothing but random chance and death.

Here's the thing, though: there's not a 0.001% chance of that, there's a 0% chance of it. There is zero evidence than any sort of supernatural being exists at all, and it's a huge leap from there to "Christianity is true," with just as much evidence. You are believing it purely because it makes you feel good. That's your choice, but maybe you should find out what the alternative is actually like before dismissing it.

Comment: Re:It's totally superfluous (Score 4, Interesting) 164

by Yosho (#48658049) Attached to: NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development

And these guys spent 10 years simplifying that?

No, they spent 10 years simplifying things like scanning for wireless access points, detecting the encryption type, and storing credentials. Or setting up routing over Bluetooth. Or configuring and switching between different types of VPNs. Or bridging between multiple interfaces. And having a little icon in your system tray that you can right-click on to do it all.

If the only thing you ever do is set a static IP for your ethernet card then you probably don't need it, but a lot of people do more complex things than that.

Comment: It's so brave of you... (Score 1) 834

by Yosho (#48359069) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

to post another anti-GG smear article.

But I feel like pointing out that actually, the majority of the harassment going on in the hashtag on Twitter nowadays is the anti-GG crowd harassing the GG supporters. Is it worth mentioning that a journalist who has supported GG has been sent a syringe and a dead animal in the mail?

Yesterday I saw an anti-GG supporter tell a prominent GG supporter (who is a woman who has been raped) that:
1) She's not really a woman
2) She should join her in hating all men
And then, after it was revealed that the rapist was female:
3) She wasn't raped, because women can't rape.

Or should I mention how GG has tracked down the identity of the person who sent death threats to Anita Sarkeesian (and many other people, under different accounts)... and Anita has ignored them and refused to press charges? I guess it's not good for the smear campaign if it looks like your targets are helping you.

But, go on, keep talking about how terrible it is that you think GG is a misogynist harassment campaign. Unfortunately, GG isn't actually even fighting that battle. They don't care about public perception, they care about taking down the corrupt giants -- and let me point out that Gawker has been bleeding advertisers lately.

Comment: Wow... really, Slashdot? (Score 1) 260

by Yosho (#47736111) Attached to: How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

Given how this is supposed to be a community of nerds, I'm surprised at how many people here are proudly stating that they don't even have a wireless router (or they choose not connect anything to it, or they don't even have an internet connection).

I mean, the whole point of technology is to improve quality of life, right? Sure, I could spend time running cable through the attic and installing panels in the walls... but then I'd have to spend time doing that, and I'd still have unsightly cables running from the walls all over rooms. On top of that, I've got plenty of devices that don't even have ethernet ports. Sure, I've got my router and a gigabit switch next to it that both have things plugged into them, but that's only convenient for things that are near the router. Sure, ethernet would be faster, but 802.11n is still enough to saturate my internet connection -- and if really need to copy a ton of data between computers on the intranet, nothing beats a USB hard drive. So, going down the list...

2 tablets
1 laptop
1 phone
2 Nintendo 3DSes
1 Playstation Vita
1 Roku
1 Ouya
1 Wii
1 Wii U
1 Kindle
1 desktop computer

That's just for my wife and me, but I could easily see having several more if we had kids. And I've got an isolated guest network for my friends to use with their phones and tablets whenever they come over. I've probably had two dozen devices at once connected to my router.

Comment: Re:Dubious achievement (Score 1) 336

by Yosho (#47596151) Attached to: Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly

None of those things were minor improvements to existing products that already met peoples' needs, either. Windows 3.1 and 95 were huge upgrades that did things their predecessors were completely incapable of, and the iPhone may as well have been a completely original product, given that its competition was composed of clunky bricks with terrible UIs.

What about Win 7 is "substantially worse" than XP? Or 8, after you turn off Metro?

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