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Comment Re:This is really wierd (Score 1) 184

Yes, and do not forget - Saddam had a HUGE stockpiles of WMD hidden so well that those are still not found! And it's universally known that he preferred Christian Babies to cereals for breakfast! And Iraqi Kurds - very good point, I bet 2,000,000 is a gross underestimation, 2,000,000 killed by Saddam personally every year is more like it! I bet Kurds sing praises for US every day - they are so much safer now, after when oppressive Saddam is gone! ISIS threats their woman so much kinder.

Comment Re:So wait... (Score 1) 58

Yes, Russia 3-rd ultimate goal is to occupy Romania! First two are Honduras (Ha! Nobody expect ..) and a Falkland Islands (take that, Argentina and UK!). Right after that - Romania! Sneaky Russians seemingly not paying attention to Romania, harbouring secret hopes it will quit NATO, and then... BAM!

Comment Re:Laptops (Score 1) 383

Slackware - no wireless? Seriously?
I recently tried a couple of modern distros, very disappointing! Linux From Scratch - awful wallpaper, Arch Linux - did not recognize my Plan9 OS partition!! It's almost like I'm expected to edit configuration files or something of the sorts, preposterous!

Comment Re:What are... (Score 2) 273

Quotes from "London is better for tech" enterprises:

According to a story and trivia questions in Germany, Fahrenheit actually chose the lowest air temperature measured in his hometown Danzig in winter 1708/09 as 0 F, and only later had the need to be able to make this value reproducible using brine.

The third point, 96 degrees, was approximately the human body temperature, then called "blood-heat".

So Fahrenheit vs Celsius 0-100: coldest temp at Danzig, winter 1708/09 and a "blood-heat" vs freezing water and boiling water temperatures. Are you sure the first is more intuitive?

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 276

No, lets stop it! It will kill internet as we know in the process - but what can we do, according to FA professional russian trolls already posted fake news about disaster on Columbian Chemicals plant - it's dangerous man, think of the children! Professional russian internet trolls are mystical creatures, but fighting them can take a very real forms of restricting anonymity and overall tightening control over the series of tubes.

Comment Re:Must have been some pretty stupid students (Score 1) 80

Now we can offer a second chance to those worthless postgraduates, train them to become professional burglars in safe and controlled environment, so they'll be able to provide food for their families! We already have great killing simulators - under army umbrella - so this base is covered, now we need a good rape simulator, and maybe even go as far as a lawyer or even a politic simulator - some argue that it may be morally wrong to train a politicians, but we must understand that when a man faces inability to provide for the basic need of his loved ones - mean always justify the cause.

Comment (Score 1) 131

Could be hundred percent bullshit - I had basic, 'made in Russia', night vision googles 10 to 15 years back in Moscow. Not a military grade, for sure. Also quick googling turned a company with classical name katod , based in Novosibirsk, here (on russian) they claim to produce consumer and military equipment, using only domestic and Chinese components.

On the other hand, FA claims that Russia lacks ability to produce critical component called microbolometer arrays, this claim sounds very plausible - USSR and then Russia never were good at producing things which include 'micro' in their names. Hence the old joke about modern Soviet microprocessor features - 6 contact pins and 2 heavy-duty handles. But hello, could they just get this 'microbolometer array' thingies from China?

Comment Re: Article is trole. (Score 1) 344

Thank you, Steve Jobs, The Flash Killer. Humanity will be forever in your debt.

BTW i had Ipod Classic 160GB - also on RoxBox. It was amazingly durable piece of hardware, especially considering it had an actual spinning hdd - it had outlived countless phones, laptops and another gadgets, survived numerous falls and overall very rough handling, and got snatched from me only recently. In my personal gadgetry top list it's rivaled only by nokia e71, but that is another sad story. RIP, my dear friend.

Totally off topic, but is there anything comparable to old ipod, supported by roxbox, 160+ GB capacity? Or my best bet is to buy used ipod from ebay and pray it will arrive with working hdd? I remember ipods having some strange hdd interface, not allowing an easy replacement of hdd to ssd.

Comment Re:Android IS a huge financial success. . . (Score 1) 344

Only desire to show off or excessive richness might be a motive to buy iphone in china. Less than $100 on taobao or aliexpress will get you 5.5 inch ips full hd, 4 or 8 core, etc - perfect screen and more power that anybody might ever need on the phone. And, from my experience, those chinese brands on MTK platform actually working as they should, unlike an early days of android when you could expect anything but stability from any android phone. Buy cheap chinese knock off phone without fear, it's the same whatever brand you like minus marketing crap. Just ensure 3G/4G frequencies supported by phone are compatible with your operator.

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