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Comment: Re: Article is trole. (Score 1) 316

by Yomers (#49794283) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier
Thank you, Steve Jobs, The Flash Killer. Humanity will be forever in your debt.

BTW i had Ipod Classic 160GB - also on RoxBox. It was amazingly durable piece of hardware, especially considering it had an actual spinning hdd - it had outlived countless phones, laptops and another gadgets, survived numerous falls and overall very rough handling, and got snatched from me only recently. In my personal gadgetry top list it's rivaled only by nokia e71, but that is another sad story. RIP, my dear friend.

Totally off topic, but is there anything comparable to old ipod, supported by roxbox, 160+ GB capacity? Or my best bet is to buy used ipod from ebay and pray it will arrive with working hdd? I remember ipods having some strange hdd interface, not allowing an easy replacement of hdd to ssd.

Comment: Re:Android IS a huge financial success. . . (Score 1) 316

by Yomers (#49794067) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier
Only desire to show off or excessive richness might be a motive to buy iphone in china. Less than $100 on taobao or aliexpress will get you 5.5 inch ips full hd, 4 or 8 core, etc - perfect screen and more power that anybody might ever need on the phone. And, from my experience, those chinese brands on MTK platform actually working as they should, unlike an early days of android when you could expect anything but stability from any android phone. Buy cheap chinese knock off phone without fear, it's the same whatever brand you like minus marketing crap. Just ensure 3G/4G frequencies supported by phone are compatible with your operator.

Comment: Re:instead of space race (Score 0) 219

by Yomers (#49793413) Attached to: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Urges America To Challenge China To a Space Race

China believes it can make up any rules it wants. Because China's leaders are batshit crazy, and China's citizens have been kept in the dark so long they don't know what happened at Tiananmen Square.

Nope, it's because they can. And what make you think anybody in China cares what happened in Tiananmen Square many years ago? As far as I can see Chinese government might be naturally supported by people. Yes they do annex whatever they can, islands in South China Sea, islands in some another sea, later, possibly, the Moon. Steadily increasing livings standards of country's huge population on the way. Building country's infrastructure at the crazy pace. Currently moving polluting production out of the country - yes, China is moving some fabrics offshore! So would you support this government if you would be Chinese? Do you honestly need to 'democratically elect' some tool, given that your communist, or whatever they call it now, leader works that good? Or you seriously think that annexing islands is 'not fair'?

Comment: Re:And so it continues (Score 1) 120

by Yomers (#49791499) Attached to: High Court Orders UK ISPs To Block EBook Sites
That is a classified program developed by UK Ministry of Education, aimed at increasing computer literacy and promote awareness privacy enhancing tools like VPN and tor. They copied idea from Iran, where similar strategy has lead to a great success - reportedly more than 60 percent of Iranian internet surfers regularly use VPN. There are rumors that next step in this initiative will be blocking of porn sites in UK - a very strong move that will ensure that a growing generation will be unstoppable by any attempts of internet filtering. Russia recently started it's own educational program based on the same principles, increasing it's blocked sites list with a very healthy vigor and generating tons of lulz in a process.

I applaud all politicians that have a part in this cunning and powerful effort to preserve internet freedom!

Comment: Re:Article is trole. (Score 2) 316

by Yomers (#49790471) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier

Microsoft powered phones don't exist in the real world. I have yet to see one. They are apocryphal.

I've seen Nokia Lumia once. Still experience this nightmare from time to time - getting lost in a plain of bright colored squares, can not find my way out. Thinking about poor souls who use this thing for desktop make me shudder.

Comment: Re:I'd prefer they stay armed, TYVM (Score 1) 58

by Yomers (#49790087) Attached to: The Marshall Islands, Nuclear Testing, and the NPT
Nope. FYI Afganistan had a land border with USSR, Russian empire tried to control it since 19 century - USSR considered Afganistan something like protectorate. Distraction of people at home was sertanly not among the reasons - Brezhnev would get 'reelected' anyhow.

Another time, another country - Monica's War.

Comment: Re:Hardly the vendors fault (Score 1) 128

by Yomers (#49538579) Attached to: POS Vendor Uses Same Short, Numeric Password Non-Stop Since 1990

I don't keep bundles of Cash, Checks, and Credit Card receipts in my Router. I'm somewhat surprised that you do.

So you say changing resolvers in your router would do you no harm?

It was funny in Thailand - 2 major ADSL internet providers, with most adsl modems/routers configured with 3 default admin passwords - 3bb, tot, and, you guessed it, admin. By default they were all open from WAN - I checked once, just opened in browser a few IP's in a same subnet with mine - could login to about 5 out of about 10 IP's tested. About a year ago probably somebody exploited this, so what did providers do? Simple solution - just drop all incoming connections, anyway nobody noticed.

Comment: Re:Thank god (Score 2) 229

If Valve restricts the accounts unless they have SOME money in the game, the scammers can't simply operate at full rate - they'll have to pick and choose the scams and targets more carefully, because there's overhead.

Good news everyone - Steam is working on increasing scam quality!

Good day to avoid cops. Crawl to work.