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Comment: Re:Hardly the vendors fault (Score 1) 127

by Yomers (#49538579) Attached to: POS Vendor Uses Same Short, Numeric Password Non-Stop Since 1990

I don't keep bundles of Cash, Checks, and Credit Card receipts in my Router. I'm somewhat surprised that you do.

So you say changing resolvers in your router would do you no harm?

It was funny in Thailand - 2 major ADSL internet providers, with most adsl modems/routers configured with 3 default admin passwords - 3bb, tot, and, you guessed it, admin. By default they were all open from WAN - I checked once, just opened in browser a few IP's in a same subnet with mine - could login to about 5 out of about 10 IP's tested. About a year ago probably somebody exploited this, so what did providers do? Simple solution - just drop all incoming connections, anyway nobody noticed.

Comment: Re:Thank god (Score 2) 229

If Valve restricts the accounts unless they have SOME money in the game, the scammers can't simply operate at full rate - they'll have to pick and choose the scams and targets more carefully, because there's overhead.

Good news everyone - Steam is working on increasing scam quality!

Comment: Re:I think this is BS (Score 1) 160

by Yomers (#49332177) Attached to: Energy Company Trials Computer Servers To Heat Homes
Informative, thanks for clarifying.

From TFA - it's an energy company with existing customers, they are planning to use those for distributed computing projects - security uptime and connection bandwidth is not an issues. Servicing clogged fans might be a hassle. Obviously they are going to charge customers for those "e-Radiators" - so basically energy company pays for hardware in electricity.

Comment: Re:Last mile bandwidth is still the limitation... (Score 1) 160

by Yomers (#49331127) Attached to: Energy Company Trials Computer Servers To Heat Homes

I'm writing this from a wooden hut in rural Thailand. Place between 2 small towns, river view, 20 km to nearest 7-11, local children still amazed when they see foreigner - it's as far from civilization as it gets in Thailand. ADSL, Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 7168 / 506 - could be better, it's cheapest tariff, something less than $15/mo. My point is - there is no excuses for 64kbps torture anywhere in a country that invented the thing!

Comment: Re:White balance and contrast in camera. (Score 1) 420

by Yomers (#49153483) Attached to: Is That Dress White and Gold Or Blue and Black?

Because what we perceive as the color of some surface is really a reflection of ambient light from that surface. So color of the surface would change depending on color of the light that it is reflecting. But our brain has auto white balance image preprocessing filter that fixes surface color for us based on light color , which is computed partially using our knowledge on what color things should normally have. In this picture dress could be white if it is not in a lighten by yellow colored light behind it, but lighten by blueish light source, and camera white balance is set somewhere in a middle. Otherwise it's blue.

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