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by Yomers (#47805465) Attached to: Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots
Sure Russia rather wolf than rabbit, and territory of eastern Ukraine was part of that wolf for centuries. We have shared history, traditions and language with majority of people who live there - we are Russians. It has nothing to do with USSR. Ukraine and Belarus divided from Russia because USSR lost cold war and collapsed by administrative borders that were drawn by bolsheviks without much thoughts. Reunification of Russia with eastern Ukraine would be like reunification of eastern and western Germany - in fact we were the same state before Germany even existed.

I don't like the rule of mr. Putin for lots of reasons, most of so called western democracies is not better in my point of view - anyway rulers come and go but Russia will remain, and I want it to be big and strong, wolf rather than a rabbit - just for fun, like some people want their favourite sport team to win - go go Russia!
I'm living in Thailand and check news from both sides.

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by Yomers (#47499711) Attached to: Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17
Current Ukrainian government is a result of US meddling and is fully backed by US, who, incidentally, found the guilty side right after the incident. Western media presents mostly one sided view in this war - rebels are bad, and they are actually disguised Russian send to destroy young democracy personally by mr. Putin, Ukrainian government is all so democratic, when they are shelling cities full of civil population - it just does not happen to be on TV. So the risk of world condemnation for Ukrainian government is minimal. It is very convenient incident in a right time.

Putin isn't paying you enough.

How is your salary at U.S. Department of State? Enough for peanuts?

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by Yomers (#47499105) Attached to: Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

To shoot down Ukrainian military aircraft. They had already shot down a Ukrainian transport plane and a Ukrainian fighter within the previous week. They were on a roll.

Rebels had shoot down an Ukrainian transport at much lower attitude, during landing. It is still unclear if they have technical ability to shoot a plane flying at 10km attitude, and why would the do it also remains unclear - there were lots of civil planes flying there, do you think they would just randomly shoot at anything in hopes to bring down Ukrainian military transport? Ukrainian military shooting it to get international support sounds more plausible.

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by Yomers (#46518621) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine
I've been to Crimea a few years back, and IMO 97% can be true in this case. A few reasons:
Crimea was russian territory until Chrushev gave it to Ukraine about 50 years ago. Everybody speaks russian there, most of crimeans think of themselves as russians.
In Crimean cities people get water from the tap couple of times a day, electricity is also unstable.
Pensions, salaries to public servants about twice higher in Russia.
Ukraine did not invest much, if at all, to local public services - public transport was still from USSR times, etc.

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by Yomers (#45307293) Attached to: Microsoft To Can Skype API; Third-Party Products Will Not Work
Exactly. My 87 years old granddad use skype. Skype is the single non-opensource piece of software I have installed on my laptom, BTW all bunch of 32-bit compatibility libs are installed on my system only because of skype. I hate it, but there are no workarounds, I need it.

I hope something will force Microsoft to open Skype protocol.

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by Yomers (#45211487) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best SOHO Printer Choices?
Here in Thailand inkjet printers retrofitted with continuous ink supply system are popular. Big ink tanks glued to the side of the printer, plastic hoses supply ink to printing head. With this mod if you print a lot you will have to refill those big tanks about once a year with very cheap ink.

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by Yomers (#45195247) Attached to: Physicist Unveils a 'Turing Test' For Free Will
Human decisions are unpredictable in a same sense as a dice roll is unpredictable - just too many variables. For dice roll that would be the exact specks of the dice, force and vector used on dice while throwing, surface where it lands, air density, wind, etc. For human decision that would be genetic specks of human, all his/her previous history from birth - all experience, etc. If you exactly duplicate everything for dice or for human - roll outcome would be the same. So what about free will?

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by Yomers (#45149161) Attached to: Swartz-Designed Whistleblower Tool "SecureDrop" Launched
I can answer one of your questions - why some Russians have dash cameras on their cars.

- Dash cam means in case of any kind of traffic accident that can lead to legal conflict you have video of accident and an ability to use it or not. If recorded evidence is not in your favour - delete it. If it shows how this cute child jumped on the road from behind the truck right in front of your car - it might help you to avoid some jailtime.
- Set ups are not frequent any more - everybody have liability insurance so it does not make sense now, everybody is calling insurance after incidents as small as a scratch.
- You might get lucky and record plane crash,
or meteorite,
or, at least, just a deadly accident.
- Dash cams are cheap.
- In Russia you do not need permit to use dash cam.
- So why not to get dash cam?

P.S. You say "have to have dash cameras on their cars" as if it is something bad. I disagree - youtube would be boring without Russian dash cams! And while cams are not feeding stream to central location but just record it on a flash - to be erased on a next day, if nothing of interest has happened - cams are not really a threat to privacy.

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